P90X Series: Chest and Back

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Upper Body Strength

This workout is basically all push ups and pull ups, with very little of anything else in between. For those of us who can't do a single pull up, it's a bit irritating in that it's impossible to get anything out of an exercise you just cannot complete at all. There is the bands option but you have to have somewhat higher ceilings for the whole door/band attachment to work the way it does in the P90X DVD (which does have one exerciser using bands). I still don't think bands are a good solution because the exercises, even with the bands doubled up, just aren't difficult enough to really push you and improve your strength. I will say that this DVD has really helped improve my push ups. I could barely squeak out five big girl push ups before and now I can do LOTS :) For that reason alone, I can't write this one off.

Instructor Comments:
Tony is silly and goofy as usual. Tony's Tony, nothing new here.