Bedroom Body

Angie Miller
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts

In addition to the “Play All” entire workout, there are five premixes: (1) Balance Challenge; (2) Amazing Arms; (3) 20-Minute Total Body; (4) 30-Minute Complete; and (5) Center Strong. The warm-up includes basic marching, step-touches, hamstring curls, and knee raises. The first set begins with reverse lunges, then adding an overhead press, bicep curls, and woodchops. This is followed by curtsey lunges (she calls them “tap-backs”), then everything is repeated on the other side. I lost track of when the “sets” begin and end, so I’ll just run through the next exercises: Grab a heavy weight and pass it behind both legs as you squat; continue. Then stand and lift alternating knees, passing the weight under each knee as you lift. Next bend from the waist and return to standing with a single upright row, then bring weight up into an overhead press. Squat with legs apart and pass the weight between your thighs several times, then repeat upright row/overhead press move on the other side. The first time I did this workout, I wasn’t “feeling the love” passing the weight behind my knees; the second time, however, it wasn’t so bad. I guess I just need to get out of my comfort zone every once in a while. More arm work follows: Hammer curls, rotator cuff moves, tricep kickbacks, then adding squats and overheads to the tricep moves. Next up are deadlifts, then deadlift on one leg and lifting other leg behind while bending, then return to standing with knee lift. Repeat, then same thing on other side. This was an EXCELLENT move to help with balance. The last moves in the “sets” was squatting with single upright row, then squatting with an overhead lift. Then comes “windmill” arms with weights, and finally plies with arms meeting overhead. My arms were completely FRIED by this time!!

Now we get down to the mat for the Booty Burner and Core. Start with pelvic tilts, then bridge, and then bridge while holding one leg out straight. (I felt this in my abs!) On hands and knees, place one weight behind one knee and lift foot to ceiling; repeat other leg. Next, sit in a “C-curve” with arms on the floor behind you, soles of feet together, knees pointing to opposite walls. Keeping the soles of your feet together, lift and lower legs. (These felt good!) Then do some push-ups before returning to “C-curve” position and lift alternating legs, reaching opposite arm to opposite foot. This is followed by side planks, then “clamshell” side planks, then regular plank, then a well-deserved stretch!!

Instructor Comments:

Angie has a tendency to end of sentence with “Right?” or “Yeah?” It wasn’t annoying, it was just something I observed. She also seems to have a lot more confidence than she did in her earlier workouts. The music, by the way, is fantastic.

Debbie J