Walk And Kick

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

This workout was a great idea on paper but suffered in the translation. The DVD starts out with Leslie's intro, and honestly, I busted out laughing. She talks about those new-fangled workouts that all those crazy kids are doing at them thar clubs. Seriously, she sounds like a grandfather and before you know it, she'll be talking about those 20 mile walks to school in the good ole days. Her goal is to bring some of kickboxing's moves to her walk workouts, and on that level, it works. After the warm up, she alternates a few minutes of fairly fast paced (for Leslie) walk aerobics with a few minutes of lower paced kickbox-inspired moves. The cycle goes 4 times before a cool down with some light stretching-type moves. Structurally this works fine, even though I typically don't stay in my zone during the kickbox sections. And I have to add some variety and impact to really make the walk sections for me.

The bigger issue I have is there really is no attention to form on the kickbox moves. The two exercisers on the left of the screen both have droopy wrists on all their punches. The woman in the back on the right has terrible posture and often looks like she's about to trip or collapse. The woman at the right front (Mary) hunches her shoulders up in every kickbox section. Leslie's on guard position has her arms bobbing up by her forehead. Leslie's biggest form pointer-- watch out for your nose. Thanks for that, Cpl. Klinger.

I really wish Leslie would've included something about form and used kickboxing terms and concepts. What the workout seems to be is Leslie's effort to cash in on the popularity of kickboxing without really knowing what she's doing, much as she did with pilates.

This workout is best for Leslie fans who want to break up the same-old same-old with something with more intensity and some new moves and still have Leslie. Its also fine for beginners moving up and wanting a taste of kickbox moves. I consider myself a high intermediate and if I do this workout as is, it isn't much of a workout, except for recovery from injury or illness or soreness days, when just moving a bit is my goal. Otherwise, I really have to make some changes to get the intensity I prefer and basically need to get the workout I want.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is very encouraging, but she does lack credibility. No attention to form pointers. Bad form on some of the kickboxing moves. I know some people like her constant prattle and jokes, like here, she gets the giggles and jokes about whether she should call her co-exercisers guys or girls. If Leslie otherwise came across as a professional, skilled instructor, I wouldn't mind. But she doesn't come across that way-- she comes across as the nice lady down the street who watched some infomercials for exercise products and teaches aerobics in her garage while the kids are at school.