Give Me 10 More!

Amy Dixon
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

This is a primarily strength workout (with one cardio chapter) with several 10-12 minute chapters. The DVD menu allows you to play all or choose an individual workout. Amy works out with two background exercisers, both women, one of them provides easier modifications. Amy spends about a minute as an un-weighted but dynamic warm up in each chapter and a very brief stretch at the end (less than 30 seconds). The music is pretty good, and the workout is filmed in a lovely studio setting.

The workout has already been broken down so Iíll just add my opinions. Iíve done this workout twice, once a couple of months ago and did not care for it at all, but thought it deserved a second chance, so tried it again today and really didnít like it Ė Iím getting rid of it. I feel (especially in the total body chapter) that the exercises are hard to follow, Amy does not cue, and it was unnecessarily complicated! I donít mind some choreographed strength work-I do Pink Firms a lot (but have been doing the Firm for years so maybe Iím just used to their style) and I usually enjoy creative and functional workouts that work your muscles in new ways. There were creative exercises here and some of them were enjoyable and challenging, for sure (I especially liked some of the balance challenges in the core chapter) but thereís just so many other workouts that try to accomplish the same thing-Firm Zero in 10 and 10 Minute Solution Bootcamp with Jessica Smith for instance-and those are just so much better. For as many wonderful workouts as I have, I just donít have the patience for ones that I donít enjoy.

Due to the fast moving rotational changes and general functional feel, it is difficult to use heavy weights, which again is fine if werenít so hard to follow! On the whole I would rate it solid intermediate. I actually think it would be a very enjoyable workout if you just persisted with the learning curve and enjoyed the fast moving exercises. For what it is, I would grade it a B-.

Instructor Comments:
Amy seems like a sweet person and she isnít too chatty. But she doesnít explain a move before jumping into it, which makes her very hard to follow at times. This is the only workout I have of hers and will need to think twice before getting another one. I like her personality fine, but the exercises were just unnecessarily confusing!

Emily B.