Get Hard: Arms and Shoulders

Cory Everson
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Upper Body Strength

After doing this work out for a bit, I have come to the conclusion that if you do not get results then you are not doing this workout!! It is challenging and it works! I noticed results after doing it for two weeks. Cory looks incredible, not too muscular but muscular and still very feminine. You work your shoulders, biceps, fore arms (which is unusual) and triceps. There is very little rest between sets so your arms will be BURNING! I had to reduce the weights while doing subsequent sets. She has two backgrounders and I appreciate Cory doing it along with us and feeling the workouts and letting us know her shoulders are burning as mine were. You do three super sets and they will leave your arms roasted. The first few times I did these my arms were sore for days. I love this workout and even though I still have to pull out my vcr to do this workout it is constantly in my rotation! I love it and I am seeing results and I will continue to do it. I wish it were released on dvd but in the meantime I will still use the vhs tape. I love it and recommend it if you want toned and scuplted arms! :)

Instructor Comments:
I love that Cory has a cute and friendly personality in this one actually doing the workout and moaning when I was as well lol. I like her smile, body and appearance. Awesome instructor for an awesome tape!