HomeBody Workout

Jillian Hessel
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Upper Body Strength

Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

I have been doing harder workouts for me in a rotation every other day. So, I have been doing "easy workouts" in between those. I already have some hidden gems that have been great and thought I might find another one or two so that I would have more options in this type of rotation or pattern.

So, I decided to try Jill Hessel's HomeBody. Jill is known as a Pilates instructor, but this workout is more of a fusion workout that includes Pilates, yoga, and dance. I got this impression this workout was a labor of love for Jillian from the way she introduced the workout and the genuine "let's have fun with this" energy that makes the workouts more interesting and fun than they would have been without that energy.

This DVD is divided into parts, distinct segments you can do alone or combine:

Part 1- Standing Dance Warm-up- It includes some arm toning with light weights. I really hate it when an instructor will do something and then says, "If you want to, repeat this segment." Jillian tells you that you can do this arm toning segment up to three times for a complete workout segment. Why didn't she just do it?

Part 2- Chair Workout- This segment is an interesting mix of harder and easier moves. This includes chair squats, triceps dips, pelvic lifts, spine twist, and sections that stretches and relaxes the neck & shoulder and hands and wrists.

Part 3- Mat Sequence- This section is more traditional Pilates floor work. It focuses on the abs, back, waist, and hips and thighs.

Part 4- Rising to Stand and Finish- This section works on balance and coordination wiwth the goal of integrating the core work from the mat sequence into your (hopefully) new improved standing posture.

Bonus Personal Trainer Tutorial- This is a worthwhile 12-minute add-on featuring Jillian Hessel offering individualized tips on posture and the exercises included in HomeBody, specifically the Pilates moves. The instruction includes tips on moves like how to articulate the spine in a roll up, find make a C-curve, and do a proper pelvic tilt among other things. It would be a good place to start for beginners.

The workouts are in a home setting and the set is light. One exerciser backs up Jillian and is the person demonstrating the moves in the tutorial while Jillian explains how to do them. The music is standard instrumental
music, although some of it I thought suited the movements. The exercisers don't have shoes on, although they do wear socks.

My reaction to this workout was that I know I'm looking for easy workouts, but I do want SOME challenge. It was just too easy for me. It would have been better if the segments were a little longer, especially that arm section. I can see total beginners liking this workout. And, for some who like long warm ups, this might be a good option.

Instructor Comments:
I liked Jillian in this workout. She cued well; she was enthusiastic; she seemed to enjoy herself.

Laura S.