The Method: Precision Yoga

Jennifer Kries
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Yoga

I have had this DVD for 10 years, and after 3 years knew the workout off by heart. This has been not only my introduction to yoga, but how I have mostly kept my fittness for over a decade. I have attended other yoga classes off and on from all over Australia and most times the teacher, (if we get the chance to speak) will mention that it is obvious that I practice and confident with yoga.
This DVD is a gem, practical well put together and a great intro to yoga.
My only surgestion would be that the veiwer slow down the workout in some of the poses and routines,, so keep the remote handy!
When I started this journey, at 31 years of age, I could not touch my toes very well,, I now can fold my hands under my feet, and have much more flexability all over than ever before in my life!
I think Jennifer Kries is adorable and I LOVE this workout,,,THANK YOU JENNIFER FOR YOUR GIFT!