Strong Stride Cardio Strength

Lisa Watson
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts

Lisa leads this workout in a white gym with 2 backgrounders- one provides modifications. The dvd contains three 24-28 min workouts: core, upper, and lower body. You won't need any equipment for these workouts. In each workout you will perform a group of 10 exercises (10-15 reps per exercise) three times with a 2 min break in between. Each w/o contains a focused warmup.

UB exercises include: tri pushups, elevator planks, pike pushups, burpee to pushup, plank walk outs, tri dips, plank rows, superman breast strokes, spiderman pushups, and elbow plank shifts. LB exercises include: 1 leg deadlift & kick, floor touch squat jumps, lunges, floor touch star jumps, dip & kick, pliet heel clicks, plank frog hops, and 180 squat hops. Core work includes: toe touch crunch, long leg bike, burpee knee pulls, scissors, side plnank drops, mt climbers, & full body crunches.

I rate these workouts a high intermediate to low advanced. I really like the unique structure of this workout and even w/out weights my muscles were sore the next day! I love the no wasted time- though not at all rushed and the cardio effect it provides. Lisa is a great instructor with a great energy & great form pointers. I received this dvd to review.