JNL Fusion: Bicep Builder

Jennifer Nicole Lee
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Upper Body Strength

This is a 29 min bicep, chest, & cardio circuit workout. Jennifer leads this workout in a gym with a group background exercisers who provide various intensity options. You will need a pair of moderately heavy dumbbells & an optional cordless jump rope. A very short cooldown is also included. Music options are also available.

This workout alternates cardio exercises with bicep and chest exercises. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds with very little rest in between moves. You perform 2 exercises (one bicep or chest and one cardio) and then repeat those 3 times. Exercises include: bi curls, jump rope, hammer curls, burpee- pushups, side bi curls, plyo squats, V pushups, speed bag shuffle, scissor jacks w/ chest press, wide pushups, horizontal conditioning kick outs, and X pushups to side plank.

Because of the nonstop nature and amount of pushups in the w/o I rate it advanced. This workout really packs a punch in < 30 min! My chest & biceps were really worked and my heart was pumping- I was drenched in sweat by the end. As always, Jennifers energy is very motivating and her form pointers are spot on. Love the 30 second format and the athletic exercises that are easy to follow and really get the job done in a short amount of time. I received this dvd to review.