Crunch Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Yoga

Crunch Super Slim Down, Pilates Yoga Blend with Ellen Barrett 2004

The set for this workout is a same as Ellenís other Crunch workouts only the bongo player is gone and the camera work is better. The music is well done and not overpowering. This is primarily a toning workout but it moves quickly enough to generate some heat. The workout is done barefoot and uses only body weight, no equipment is necessary.

The breakdown consists of several sequences lasting approximately six minutes each. The warm up is six minutes at the end of which Ellen introduces Maureen who demonstrates modifications for each sequence for the remainder of the workout.

The first sequence is standing yoga with triangle, side bend, lunge, and warrior put into a flow and done four reps on each side.

The second sequence begins the floor work and consists of what Ellen calls Willow, a flowing sequence of forward and backward bends and dolphin.

Third sequence is more floor work with Little Piece of Heaven which incorporates child's pose to a push up.

Next is leg work with leg beats and side passť.

The fifth sequence is the abs section with teaser, single leg stretch, and ballerina crisscross.

From the abs section Ellen moves into a gentle cool down which lasts about two minutes.

The entire workout is about 40 minutes.

Instructor Comments:
Ellen, as usual, is pleasant and her cueing is excellent. This is one of my favorite workouts. I bought it in 2004 and Iím still using it. Super Slimdown is a difficult workout to classify as beginner or intermediate. The workout has stood the test of time for me because it has not become too easy with repetition. On the contrary, I concentrate on form and the workout remains challenging and rewarding. I give this one an ďAĒ.