Rip 60


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I tried the Rip 60 straps today and the #11 workout which is the one with GSP.

ABOUT ME: I am an advanced exerciser (for VF standards) and I have been doing a TRX class a few times a month at a local gym. It's an hour long class and in my opinion, it is very advanced (I'm drenched and on the floor by the end). I own a TRX at home and several of the TRX DVDs. I decided to try the Rip 60 because I read in a thread that the DVDs are better than the TRX DVDs. I don't use my TRX at home much because I can't find a DVD that I like. I am not fond of the TRX DVD's. I have tried to do the TRX at home on my own (without DVD) but I do not enjoy leading myself.

ABOUT THE RIP 60 STRAPS: Out of the box, I was impressed with the quality of the RIP 60 equipment (straps). I love the way you can put the pin in or out and it will stabilize the straps or allow you to pull them from side to side. This is a great feature. In comparison to the TRX, I feel the RIP 60 straps are just as good a quality (maybe even a bit better) but they were too long for the height of my ceiling (even at the smallest setting). The TRX ones are more scaled to my room size. I think the pulley feature with the Rip 60 is an improvement over the TRX design. I did not like the handles on the Rip 60. First they were too fat for my small hands and I had a hard time gripping them. Also, they were plastic. I really like the foam handles on the TRX. I have blisters today from using the Rip 60. I never have that with the TRX. Though I'm sure lifting gloves would solve that problem. But I still like the cushion of foam handles. (so, I'm not THAT hardcore)

ABOUT THE GSP DVD: This is a decent DVD with many flaws. I loved the exercises and I liked the format. It is done in a circuit of 5 rounds. Each round has 4 (I think) exercises and each round is done twice before moving to the next round. What I didn't like is that it is voice over and the instructor (GSP) doesn't do the exercise and set up in real time. So, when the straps had to be adjusted, he was magically ready and moving on to the next exercise while I was still adjusting and getting set. I had to keep pausing and rewinding. Also, each exercise is done for 30 seconds and I don't think that was long enough for many of the exercises. Finally, in between each round, GSP makes some "motivating" remarks which I found cheesy and dumb. I felt the voiceover guy was cheesy too.

If I was to write down the exercises and do this workout on my own, I think it would be a solid advanced (maybe lower advanced) workout. But I really want a DVD to lead me.

Overall, I felt the DVD was better than the TRX DVDs I've done but I didn't like it enough to use it again.

I don't feel like keeping the Rip 60 along with my TRX has enough benefit to warrent the cost. I did not feel motivated to try the other workouts in the set. I returned the Rip 60 back to Walmart. IF better DVD's come out or there's a clearance sale (say $30) on the Rip 60, I may buy it again.

Instructor Comments:
This is a voiceover DVD. The exercises are not done in real time, so you are scrambling to keep up with the demonstrator who magically has his equipment where it needs to be.