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A bit of background, I'm 33 and have practiced yoga regularly since my teens. I also do Pilates, barre and kettlebell workouts occasionally. I'm naturally quite thin and don't build muscle easily, plus I easily get burned out from too much exercise so usually gravitate to gentler styles which are more energising than tiring (yoga and the like).

I have been doing T-Tapp on and off for a few years (from the book), usually just doing the Basic Workout Plus (which is the first 15 minutes of the total workout).

It does seem to improve muscle tone (especialy the abs & waist) and posture quicker than anything else I've tried. I decided to buy the DVDs as I thought it might help me be more consistent with the practice.

In January I the T-Tapp site had a "free shipping" offer, which was great as I'm in the UK (and shipping would normally be $40!) so I purchased the total system which included:

* Instructional 1 & Basic Workout Plus

* Instructional 2 & The Total Workout

Bonus workouts:

* Basic Plus Tempo

* Tempo 8 reps (this is the total workout straight through without instruction)

* Tempo 10 reps (as above, but with 10 reps of each exercise to give more of a cardio boost)

There was also a seminar, audio CD and radio interview, but I have not explored these yet.

I had a quick look at the Instructionals and the Basic Workout Plus, but I found it difficult to get over the awful scenery (a hotel lobby with a hideous carpet LOL) and cheap feel of the DVDs . Perhaps that is a bit shallow of me, but my other workouts are ones with gorgeous scenery like tropical beaches and beautiful landscapes (e.g. Rodney Yee and Shiva Rea's yoga DVDs).

The Total workout is a bit nicer as it is filmed in Teresa Tapp's living room, with a couple of the ladies that feature in the testimonial videos on the discs.

My favourite workouts are the Tempo ones however, these are also filmed in Teresa Tapp's living room (with just her) and it gives the feeling of having a personal trainer. The tempo DVDs run through all the exercises at a fairly quick pace assuming that you know them already, so you don't waste any time. The Basic Plus Tempo DVD is pretty much the same as the first 15 minutes of Tempo 8 reps.

I usually do the first 15 minutes of either Tempo 8 Reps or Tempo 10 Reps (I gave the Basic Plus Tempo DVD to my Mum), and occasionally add in the exercises at the end of the disc (Arms Sequence to Lawn Mowers) - I don't particularly enjoy the middle bit (Lunges, Thread the Needle etc.). The good thing is that each exercise is a new chapter on the disc, so you can just skip ahead.

The thing I like most about the T-Tapp workout:

* It trims my waist & abs quickly and keeps me trim as long as I do at least 15 minutes 2-3 times per week.

* It energises me for the day and clears "brain fog".

* It eliminates water retention and helps with other "hormonal" stuff.

* It improves my posture and makes me feel taller.

* The same workout somehow stays challenging, as you improve, you work more on form and posture and take the exercises to a deeper level.

* 15 minutes of T-Tapp can be a good stand alone workout or a good warm up for something else - I have lots of fitness DVDs which I enjoy, so sometimes do these after T-Tapp.

* The whole workout is done standing and you don't need much space. I have had really good T-Tapp workouts in my tiny kitchen, in hotel rooms, on balconies etc.!

Things I'm not so keen on:

* It doesn't seem to do much for my arms and legs. These are not problem areas for me though so I'm not so bothered.

* There are some exercises which feel like a chore and have a dread factor, but I'm getting over this, I just try not to think about it too much and focus on the benefits. I just have to tell myself "it's only 15 minutes and then I can get on with my day"

* It lacks a stretching / relaxation section at the end, you just kind of stop and do some shoulder rolls. I guess I'm used to Yoga where you do a lot of stretching and relaxation after the main workout. That said, there are stretches interspersed throughout so your flexibility is not neglected.

* It lacks the enjoyment factor of other workout DVDs, such as nice music, scenery, production values etc.

p.s. apologies, I accidentally posted this review twice in two different places!

Instructor Comments:
Teresa is upbeat, positive and has a perky "sing-song" style which will get you motivated in the morning! My spouse said she sounds like a hyperactive kindergarten teacher LOL