Yoga for Stress Relief

Barbara Benagh
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

Yoga for Stress Relief with Barbara Benagh is not an exercise routine. As the title implies, this DVD is not for those who wish to gain strength or trim their bodies. Barbara Benagh leads restorative yoga routines intended to relieve tense muscles or pain. The categories addressed are relaxation, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, stomach and digestive issues, insomnia, depression, and meditation.

The presentation takes some time to get used to as Ms. Benagh demonstrates one pose, then it fades to black and the next pose opens. I found this style of presentation choppy and uneven at first but now Iíve grown used to it. Iíve come to appreciate this DVD for what it is, stress relief and relaxation rather than exercise. I have found regular use of the poses for the hip and SI joint have reduced my pain from sciatica. I have also found the routine for insomnia to be very helpful.

Instructor Comments:
Barbara Benagh uses voice over to narrate the poses; she has a soft and gentle voice and gives excellent instruction and cueing for alignment and form. This has become one of my favorite DVDs, but I usually chose to do a routine in the evening, right before bed.