Give Me 10: Core Cuts

Amy Dixon
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Abs/Core

This dvd contains six 10-12 minute core focused workouts. Amy leads with 3 backgrounders, one providing beginner modifications. The set is an open studio and you will need a stability ball and dumbbells for some of the segments.

Hard Core Definitions: This is a traditional floor core routine. Exercises include: crunch variations, bike, leg drops, Turkish getups, plank variations, and a low back series.

Yoga 6 Pack: This is a standing & floor core focused yoga routine. Exercises include: tree pose & side bend, triangle side bends, warrior 3 & knee pull, some great balance work, down dog knee pulls, side plank leg raises, and a table top series.

Tight ní Toned Tummy: This is a weighted core focused routine that will also hit other muscle groups. Exercises include: curtsy & chop, side lunge & overhead reach, side bend leg raises, plank rows & press or snatch, Russian twists, and V sit dumbell pass through.

Core Ball Breakthrough: This standing & floor ball routine fully utilizes the ball. Exercises include: standing twists, deadlift series, hi plank series, dip & side bends, squat & twists, plank & pike w/ knee pulls, and lo back work.

Core Ball Blast: This floor ball routine uses the ball in many fun & effective ways. Exercises include: crunch series, ball roll outs & pull ins, oblique work, bridge series, & kneeling lean backs.

This dvd offers a lot of great core work and also hits other muscles as well. The pace in these workouts is quick so you really dont waste any time. Amy is a great lead with great cuing. I rate these routines intermediate to high intermediate but a mod always shows options! I received this dvd to review.