Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Walking Aerobics

I like Leslie well-enough, but I'm not a huge fan. She has a place in my collection, but that's been easily met by just 1-2 of her compilation dvds.

I tend to prefer Leslie in a group setting and NOT in the bat cave. This new dvd meets those preferences and MORE! Bright, airy set. A group of new (though kind of generic) backgrounders. Professional Leslie with new moves.

I like that I can mix and match, and the miles are color-coded so I can easily remember which mile I did/like/has a certain move. Memorable moments: The Blue Mile includes a particularly upbeat "Rollin' Down the River" track with JUMPROPE, half-jacks and a boxers shuffle! Hooray for new moves! The Yellow Mile was my favorite, brisk with no jogging, double knee repeaters, kickbacks, and a walk forward/back and tap out combo. Good stuff!

In all honesty, the "weight" segments are a waste of time for me, and I'm kind of a beginner...but I guess they're better than nothing if you are an ABSOLUTE beginner or you just tend to skip weights. I just prefer doing weights on a separate day and this isn't *enough* for me to bother pulling out for that purpose.

Instructor Comments:
I like Leslie when she's less-chatty and that's exactly what she is in this new release! I'm not a big fan of the backgrounders. I'm not a "regular gang" die-hard fan, but these new backgrounders are a bit over-the-top happy to be there (you know the sort). No biggie, they're fairly easy to ignore.