Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Walking Aerobics

Ths is a nice addition to my Leslie collection. First and foremost, the music is MUCH BETTER -- at least it's different, not the same ol' same ol'!!! The walks are (1) Mon, (2) Tue, (3) Wed, (4) Thu, and (5) Fri. (Guess there's no walking on the weekends, LOL!) You can also -- wait for it -- CUSTOMIZE your walk!!! I had to check this new option out: You can mix and match the miles; they are listed as Red Mile, Blue Mile, Green Mile, Yellow Mile, and Purple Mile. You can also add toning sections (abs, arms, legs, etc.)

I've only done the Monday walk, which was the Warm-up, three of the miles (Yellow, Blue, and Red), the Cool-down, and Abs. The first mile started off kinda slow, but it picked up about 5 minutes into it and was over in about 15 minutes. Then the next mile starts; again, kinda slow, then picks up the intensity. Then the last mile starts out slow and builds to intensity. While I would have liked the intensity to stay high (well, as high as it can during a walk), I understand that each mile is "stand alone" -- so I'll just think of it as "interval training!" The Cool-down is nothing special, and the ab work is DEFINITELY nothing special -- I've never been impressed with Leslie's toning work, and this was no exception. That's okay, though ... I DO enjoy her walks!

I sorta liked that the background exercisers were a bit "fitter" this time around. Sometimes I feel the perception of walking workouts (IN GENERAL!) is that they are for "older" or "overweight" people; that if a person is young and/or fit, that person should be doing "harder" workouts. Sometimes I just don't want to work any harder than a good, brisk walk!

Instructor Comments:
"Walk! Walk! Walk!" What more is there to say.

Debbie J