Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2012

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Walking Aerobics

This DVD makes really good use of technology - I wish more would do the same! On this DVD, there are 5 walking segments and 5 strength segments, along with a warm up and a cool down. Each of the walking segments is 1 mile and each mile is labeled a different color (purple mile, red mile, yellow mile, etc.). You have the option through the DVD menu to select the mile segments and/or strength segments in any order you choose. For example, you could do the red mile, then yellow, then an ab tone up, then the green mile. Or, you could design something else. In total, you could create up to 10 different options from a pool of 5 walking segments and 5 toning segments in any sequence you want. The funny thing is you actually have the option to do 10 miles in any sequence you choose. While that is not the intent, it does show the flexibility of being able to mix and match workouts, including doing all walking, all strength, or a mix of the two.

Or, you can choose from the segments of 2 - 5 mile workouts are preset on the DVD menu by day of the week. Here are the presets you can choose from the menu system:

Monday - 3 Mile Walk + Ab Session
Tuesday - 4 Mile Walk + Arm Session
Wednesday - 1 Mile Walk + Leg Session
Thursday - 2 Mile Walk + Chest & Back Session
Friday - 5 Mile Walk + Full Body Stretch

Each of the miles follows the same pattern. She starts with a slower walk and then toward the end segues into a fast walk. There is no "boosted walking", although you could easily do that in the faster segments when she is walking up and back. In some of the miles, she is with two background exercisers. In others, she has all four. There are no walking miles with just Leslie, although she is by herself in the strength segments.

My thoughts:

Some of the miles seemed to be more traditional with more of the 4 moves, plus kickbacks. Others seem to use newer moves like moving kickbacks, tap outs, boxing moves, FOUR stpes up and back (rathe than two), etc. With the options the DVD gives for setting up a walk, there is quite a bit of variety of moves - for Leslie.

The miles in this workout seem really well planned, at least in comparison to some of her earlier workouts. In some of those, she would start a move and then not have enough time because the music was ending. There weren't those awkward moments and/or transitions in this workout.

The set was open and light, the same set as in 5 Really Big Miles. The music was non-memorable to me, which means that it was pretty generic. Leslie was Leslie with her chattiness and enthusiasm. She didn't seem as hyper in this workout as in some others.

I did not enjoy the background exercisers. One of the things I have so enjoyed about Leslie's workouts is that she has people who look "real", like people I see out and about in my area. All of the background exercisers in this DVD were young and looked like they stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

The strength segments were very basic and not that hard. She didn't have many reps of many moves. They would be good for a total beginner, but any one else would be challenged to find them challenging. Although, I guess the axiom, "you get what you put in to it" could apply.

Overall, I think this DVD is worth trying. It won't be one of my favorites, but I like it for the options it gives.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is her normal, chatty (but not hyper) self in this workout. If you like her in other workouts, you'll like her here.

Laura S.