Ageless with Kathy Smith Total Body Turnaround

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Ballet/Barre, Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

When this was offered through the Amazon Vine program, I snapped it up. I usually don't get something near and dear to my heart as an exercise video through this reviewing program. This is a workout I had considered getting, but had thought better of multiple times. But, I kept coming back to it. After trying it, I'm glad I got it for free because I won't be keeping it.

This DVD offers 3 20-minute workout options. From the main menu, you can select Workout Options and that brings you to a submenu with choices for Play All, Total Circuit, Total Balance, or Total Energy. I wish that you were able to program the DVD and choose more than one option, but less than all three, but that is not an option. You can choose Play All and then skip sections you don't want.

In all of these workouts, Kathy exercises alone in a large area that I thought looked like a living room, or what was supposed to look like a living room. I don't even remember the music and would have noticed if it was missing, so it apparently was not memorable and I don't remember it adding to the workout. Kathy is one of the best, most experienced, most practial instructors around and that shows in her instruction, details that she points out about the moves, form pointers she gives, comments that display a total understanding of the home exerciser, options she gives for different levels of exercisers, etc. She also can be rather hyper. Her demeanor in these workouts was pretty calm for Kathy, although she did give some whoops I could live without.

Here are some details about the workouts themselves:

In this workout, Kathy alternates cardio segments and strength moves. She gives recommendations for weights to use for the different segments and I found that useful. She didn't give much time to pick up or put down the weights as she transitioned between segments. I kept having to pause the workout to catch up. Overall, I liked this workout because she accomplishes a lot in 20 minutes.

This is the kind of workout I SHOULD do, but don't really enjoy. It is a flowing workout done barefoot that adds a cardio aspect to the balance work. Mostly, they are moves that have you do a move (like a lunge) and then come up to a balance move.

This is another barefoot section and sort of a yoga-ish, stretchy kind of workout that does a lot and not much of any one thing. It felt good, but is the kind of workout I just won't come back to as other stretches/yoga workouts seem to flow better and which seem to have more of a point to it.

I can see how the right exerciser would like this workout. It's just not for me.

Instructor Comments:
I think Kathy is one of the most professional instructors in the business (well, except for those occasional whoops). She is just good at what she does and she is less hyper in this workout than in some previous ones.

Laura S.