Rejuvenation Walk & Stretch

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Walking Aerobics

This is just for the walk portion, not the stretch. I don't have a strap to do the stretch with and the towel I used as a sub was just annoying.

I got this at a used book store. I don't know if it is still available in retail.
I feel that new this may have come with hand weights (look like 1 pounders) and a stretching strap.

So I like Kathy Smith. I don't have issues with "whooing," but she doesn't do any in this workout so it is all good. She is by herself in this. It is a "2-mile" walk.

The set is a standard, but attractive, living room/workout area set.

If you have the Matrix Method Power Walk for Weight Loss with Kathy, this is very similar.

You just start into the workout, no obligatory warmup. There is a short cool down and stretch at the end, very much a Leslie cool down.

Kathy holds handweights that probably came with the original set.

The steps are no more difficult than a box step (which trips me up each and every time) and the salsa. The matrix is invoked just once for about five minutes (the matrix is just using the floor as a clock and putting your foot at 9:00, 12:00, etc).

There is a lot of TIFTing, with it being built up, then doing something eight times, then backing off to four then two then one. And then doing it on the other side.

She gets more enthusiastic and throws herself into it more as the workout goes on.

There are some squats thrown in there and there, but fleeting. You can always just walk in place during them.

It goes by quickly, the music is inoffensive.

Kathy is in all black for the walk (not the pink and grey on the cover or the blue and gray on the back). It is easy to see what her legs are doing. She uses her arms a lot in the workout, just following her leg movements. Nonthreatening, not difficult.

Kathy talks encouragingly but doesn't ramble. This is a very easy DVD to do with the sound off.

I like doing walking workouts with Kathy. Her fabulously long legs reach the ground, just as mine do. On some of her workouts (and I have tons) I have to look at a backgrounder to see if I am holding a position correctly since her legs seem to be elastic and bend and stretch in ways my stumps just won't do.

All in all, an enjoyable 30 minutes or so. I am glad I have it in my extensive walking collection. I have at least three Kathy walk workouts and literally 30 plus Leslies so I don't mind having repetition and if I like the instructor/format I enjoy having lots to choose from.

If you are a one-Leslie, one-walking-format, one-yoga-format, one-of-anything-is-good-for-me person, this is not the Kathy walk I would go for because I enjoy a little cheese with my Kathy. If you like cheesy I would look for Matrix Method Power Walk for Weigh Loss or even (VHS only, I think) March to Fitness. If you don't like cheese with your workout, stick with this one. Nary a cheddar in sight.