Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy Workout

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum

I enjoy this workout. It is challenging without being strenuous. Tracy's warm-ups are, shall I say, non-traditional. I don't mind the warm up here and it is easy to follow. The bulk of the workout is abs. It is all tough but doable. Various crunches followed by some weighted moves. For me, personally, the plank segment, though short, is the toughest! (Forearm plank with knee drops and alternating leg lifts. Ow!) There is a brief side-lying segment, only two exercises and it doesn't really target the outer thigh though I wish it would. She targets the but effectively during the subsequent segment performed on all fours. This is a butt-burner! five exercises each side with plenty of reps. I dislike the "butt lifts" that follow, butt squeezes performed while lying on your stomach. Arms are last. Others have judged the arms here as insufficient (compared to Mat I suppose), but I like the segments (unweighted followed by weighted) and am ready to stop when it ends! Cool-down starts with plies, which is weird. So I skip it.

Instructor Comments:
Tracy cues more here than in some of her other offerings. She appears warm and friendly. She even gives form pointers and reminds me to breathe! I feel she is working out with me and she seems more down to earth.

Melissa P