Train Like A Contender

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I really like this workout. It is a keeper for me, even if I don't do it for awhile. I really like the boxing portion and have done it as a stand-alone multiple times. The boxing portion is my favorite part of this; the combos are interesting but not too complex, and there wasn't anything too different or strange. I didn't have much trouble following this workout; at least, after watching the first rep or two. I did repeat some of the punch combos to myself because Kelly stops calling out individual punches pretty quickly. Overall, I found the choreography very easy to follow; you are doing pretty simple punch combos, except for the very last combo, which is a jab-punch-hook-upper, then opposite arm upper/punch down, and THEN, body shot each side.

I did the conditioning part once just so I would know what moves were in it. I thought it would be fun if I liked those kinds of workouts. However, doing it made me eager to explore the premixes and include some of the conditioning moves as part of the boxing workout.

Lauren, as usual, demonstrated why she is, in some people's opinion (including mine), "the best modifier in the business". She offers some great modifications,which I took full advantage of; I love that she doesn't do moves half-heartedly but offers some distinct options that do NOT feel like you are cheating yourself out of anything. I thought the music selection was interesting and above average, even if a few selections sounded familiar. The set is one Kelly has used before with them standing in front of a window.

The premixes are great and give a lot of options. Most premixes include a warm up/ cooldown/stretch. They are:

CoffeyFit Blend: Alternating Conditioning and Boxing Exercises - 47 minutes
Quick Blend: shorter version of above premix - 19 minutes
Kelly's Mix: Kelly's favorite mix of exercises from both workouts - 36 minutes
Upper Body Conditioning - 18 minutes
Lower Body Conditioning - 16 minutes
Cardio Express - 15 minutes

Instructor Comments:
She is friendly, engaging, and motivating in this workout. I really like her in it!

Laura S.