Extreme Burn

Mike Donavanik
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

This dvd has two 40 minute C+S interval workouts on it, that you can play individually or together for one total kick butt workout! Mike works out in an open gym style set with 2 background exercisers. This is a fantastic hard-core interval workout that will burn tons of calories and work your muscles. You will only need dumbbells for this dvd.

Each cardio move is performed for 30 seconds & each strength move is performed for 60 seconds and Mike provides variations within the minute to keep things interesting and to keep your muscles guessing. You perform a block of strength exercises that really get your heartrate up and then a shorter block of cardio exercises that will get your heart pumping even harder.

Workout #1 (42 minutes) exercises include: squat & overhead press, side lunges w/ a twisting row, woodchops, dip- punch- knee up, cardio lunges, knee pulls, shuffle & punhc, skater, swings to a Y raise, overhead tri extension, tri kickbacks, lunge & extensions, grappler throws, renegade rows- hop up- windmill, crunch variations, boat pose, & finishes w/ a cooldown.

Workout #2 (45 minutes) exercises include: squat burpee- puhnsup- hop to overhead press, cardio lunges add tricep kickback, wiper curls, dumbbell circles, snatch with a cross knee pull add overhead press, mt climbers, donkey jump kicks, heisman drill, diagonal skater, crawl to plank then X jumps, lunge & row to curtsy, torso twist, spiderman pushups to reverse planks, toe drops (core), Russian twists, double crunches, toe reaches, and finishes w/ a cooldown.

These workouts are both advanced in my opinion, with number 2 being even more challenging. Mike is a great lead- lots of great form pointers & good cuing. These workouts are right up my ally- tough but fun, lots of compound movements, and nice athletic exercises that get & keep your heart PUMPING! I would consider this a medium weight - faster paced workout that is pretty much nonstop. I know I burned a TON of calories with these workouts and can not wait for more from Mike! I received this workout to review.