Breathless Body

Amy Dixon
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I have done this video several ways since I got it--just the first half or the last half on different days or mixed and matched various segments in various lengths. Iíve also done the whole thing twice so far since I got it in June 2011. I can't see myself sticking to a tabata drill w/ just a few moves for any length of time without a video to keep me motivated. Amy is so encouraging that I did not want to let her down. I mean seriously, I did not wanna let down a video reproduction of a person? LOL!!! But yeah, it's true. That's why I decided to only do 30 minutes each time I did it initially, I guess. I figured I could do 30 minutes successfully. Despite my scoffing at the title of this video (images of CSI came to mind), when I saw the clips I folded like a deck of cards. This is a high intensity cardio w/ no equipment needed, minimal space required, and low impact options, how could I say no? This will also make a good travel workout. Amy shows three different levels--beginner/low impact, intermediate/some impact, and advanced/mostly high impact. I switched up between all three. I have even subbed my kbell for some of the cardio too. I like the 20/10 concept. Even for 30 minutes, this still works you really hard. It reminds me a bit of the intensity of IMAX2 blasts, just not as high impact throughout. The music was ok not great but I can live with it.

Instructor Comments:
Again, Amy is motivating and encouraging. No yelling here at all just upbeat.