Encyclopedia of Joint Mobility

Steve Maxwell
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Instructional / How To Videos

Steve Maxwell’s “Encyclopedia of Joint Mobility” is a 3 DVD set that has 7 joint mobility workouts/segments focused on specific areas of the body. Steve provides clear instruction & form pointers, and recommendations for reps or time for each exercise (he generally does not perform high rep numbers or long duration of time for time based exercises). He does stress that users should work w/in their level of abilities (don’t push themselves to pain or injury), should perform exercise barefoot, and does discuss modifications. These workouts can be used both for instructional or follow along (can pause DVD to complete more reps or time per exercise if desired). I’m reviewing the “Neck Series” and “Toe, Foot, Ankle & Knee Series” segments. I really like to do joint mobility exercises pre-workout and both of these workouts give many options of exercises to use (can pick & choose what works best for you). They are both are very thorough, incorporating a variety of exercises (floor, standing) that build up to more advanced mobility exercises (challenging). I like JB Berns “Rehab Your Body” and Chad Waterbury/ Debbie Siebers’ “Total Body Solution” (both contain dynamic stretches for specific areas of body) and these segments are similar (minus the static stretches) but contain a wider range of exercises & option for advanced exercises.

Music: none

Set: simple (gray flooring, grayish-white backdrop w/ blue lighting)

Equipment: chair & block/ball for Toe, Foot, Ankle & Knee series

Toe, Foot, Ankle & Knee Series (23:43 min): found on Disc 3
Toe Pull: leg extended rear w/ top of foot/toes on floor & slight bend in knee> bend front knee & reverse motion.

Outside pull: from previous position, heel of extended leg is rotated out to side.

Inside Pull: rear leg is turned out w/toes on floor (inside of foot angled to floor).

Ankle Roll: roll onto outside of foot> working leg at 45 degree angle, roll onto inside of foot.

Foot Roll (combo of two ankle rolls w/ a circular motion): from previous position, roll onto inside of foot, then roll onto big toe to outside of foot> repeat in opposite direction w/ working leg turned in/line w/ other leg (roll onto outside then pinkie toe to inside of foot).
Repeat sequence on other side.

Toe Circles: both directions.

Figure 8 circles: start w/ flexed foot> point toe & circle foot upward, both sides> repeat in other direction (start w/ pointed foot).
Repeat sequence on other side.

Walking: on outside of feet> on inside of feet> heels> toes.

Close Chain Knee Circle: block or med-ball held in between thighs> both directions.

Open Chain Knee Circle: single knee lifted, perform circles w/ foot> figure 8 circles> both sides.

Deep Squat w/ assistance (chair): rock bottom (butt to calves) squat.

Bear Squat: from downward dog position, bend legs & lower butt to heels, reverse motion.

Boot Strapper: start in crouched position (butt on heels) w/ heels off floor & hands on floor> alternate straightening legs & reversing motion.

Seated on heels: knees on floor, heels are high, recommends to work up to sitting on heels for a few minutes (doesn’t demo the entire time)> alternate rocking back into crouched position (knees off floor, heels closer to floor) & rocking into seated position on heels> static hold: sitting on heels in crouched position.

Squat on Toes: start in previous position w/ fingers interlocked & arms overhead> slow lift & hold in extended position, reverse w/ slow lower into starting position.

Flat Foot Squat: start in lowered position of sumo/plie squat> alternate turning leg in & lowering knee to floor (body shifts to side a bit w/ each knee drop).

Shin Roll: start seated w/ one bent leg extended front, other bent leg has heel close to groin> move/rock forward & lift butt of floor, front leg bends, bent leg on floor turns out/foot rolls onto inside w/ motion (rolling onto shin forward)> reverse motion> both sides.

Combination exercise w/ Flat Foot Squat & Shin Roll

Long Creep: start seated on ankles/heels (crouched position)> extend one leg to side w/ flexed heel> rotate body to face side & extended leg bends w/ knee/inside of foot placed on floor> knee switch (lift up & switch sides), then extend other leg to side> repeat on other side.

Neck Series (24:03 min.): found on disc 1
Front & Back (flexion/extension): alternate head forward/gaze down & head back/gaze up.

Lateral (Flexion): alternate lowering ear to shoulder> Lateral slightly to side: chin off to side.

Twist: turn to each side, look rear.

Glide (head isolation forward & back): chin moves forward & reverses motion.

Lateral Glide: head isolation/moves side to side.

Glide rotation: head isolations to front, side, rear, side> reverse direction.

Figure 8 Glide: forward (front, left, rear, front, right, rear) & rear.

Figure 8 (w/ nose leading): turn head to side, drop chin, lift other side of chin/head up, alternating sides.

Shoulder Shrug (rolls): shoulder rolls rear, forward> alternating rear, alternating forward.

Neck Extension: Prone position w/ arms extended, palms together, forehead on floor> lift head off floor & reverse motion.

Neck twist (side to side): butterfly position (supine position w/ bent knees, soles of feet together) w/ hands on inner thighs, neck held off floor> bring head forward to chest & contract abs> alternate turning head side to side.

Neck Flexion: supine w/ bent knees pulled into chest, head on floor> lift head, chin to chest level & reverse motion.

Lateral Neck Flexion: Side lying position (legs extended, upper body propped up by bottom elbow) w/ head near shoulder: lift head up & reverse motion.

Shoulder Roll: start in quadruped position> extend one arm to rear (between legs), and walk feet around to allow rolling of body (onto neck & shoulders) to move to other side (end up in quadruped/starting position), legs stay extended to front entire time of roll.

Bridge to Plow: glute bridge, rotate hips & upper body to face side> shoulder roll.

Long Neck Roll: start prone w/ arms out to sides> alternating shoulder roll and return to starting position.

Neck Arch w/ leg raise: start supine w/ hands cupping butt w/ arched neck (head on floor)> arms extended front w/ palms together & elevated legs> perform leg raises.

Front Bridge: quadruped position w/ top head on floor> roll head to place forehead on floor, reverse motion> Side to side head roll: alternate rolling head to place ears on floor. Advanced variations: Perform w/ straight legs for more intensity, and can place hands on legs.

Full Neck Bridge: bridge pose/backbend w/ top of head on floor> rock back & forth in position.