P90X Series: Chest and Back

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Upper Body Strength

Tony leads this 50 minute chest & back workout "the mother of all P90X workouts" in a gym set w/ 3 backgrounders. One shows band options and 1 does chair pullups. You will need dumbells or bands, a pull up bar or support for a band, and optional chair & pushup bars. There is a countdown timer for the workout & each exercise duration.

This dvd is almost all pushups alternated with pullups with a few other chest & back exercises thrown in. Exercises include: push up and pull variations, rows, single arm rows, back flys and include some rest breaks. There are two rounds of 12 exercises in this w/o.

If you dont have a pull up bar and/or arent a fan of pushups this is NOT the workout for you (for me). I dont have the bar so I subbed in various rows for the pull ups and Im not a huge fan of pushups so I didnt really enjoy this w/o at all. Its a solid workout and with a bar- definitely advanced, though Tony does a good job of providing a lot of options. Without a pullup bar its really hard to even modify these w/o's and I dont really recommend the set if you dont have a bar or good alternative.