Low Impact Series: Slide & Glide

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Gliding Disks, Total Body Workouts

Double Trouble premix of Slide N Glide.

Double Trouble is basically the warm up, cardio standing slide done twice (exact same sequence) and cool down. I added the core/ab section to round things out.

Double Trouble - 51:36

( Warm-up 4:49, Cardio Standing Slide 21ish, Cardio Standing Slide 21ish, Stretch 5:04)

The cardio includes a lot of lunge, burpee and jack variations. I especially loved the skater lunges, the curtsey lunges, and the spiderman with cross-over move. I actually enjoyed the doing it the second time more than the first because I got more used to the discs and could work the moves better. It's important to keep the ball of the foot toward the end of the disk so that the heel can come down easily.

The intensity of this workout, which I think can range from intermediate to high intermediate or even low advanced, depends a lot on being very focused on form. The jack moves almost have the intensity of plyo jacks once one grips the discs properly. The other place where form makes a huge difference (itís important to listen to Catheís cues) is the oblique burpees Ė if you bring your knee to your hand like she tells you, itís much more intense than just sort of aiming at the knee.

The core section is not included on the Double Trouble premix, but I added it to the end of the workout. It has some really nice moves. Cathe stretches in between each move, so the pace is leisurely even though the moves are challenging. It's not as good as Plates and Weights (from STS core--of of my favorite core workouts), but it uses the discs well. It includes sit ups with legs on sliding discs, the L move where one leg is up in the air and the other is low parallel (loved the way this felt with the finger tips on disks), and plank work.

While doing Double Trouble, my heart rate never got up very high, and I don't really see this as a major cardio workout. The emphasis is on leg endurance, especially inner thigh and glutes.