Kettlebell Power

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Kettlebell, Total Body Workouts

I’m reviewing “Workout 3” from KB Power. It’s another solid workout by Amy, I like the KB exercises & the active recovery (last two really increase the heart rate) exercises that are sequenced into the complexes (good flow all around). The last complex consists of just one exercise, Turkish Get-ups, and Amy does slowly breakdown the exercise w/ great form pointers (so newbies would understand or others needing to clean up form or just those using a heavy bell can safely perform). I have used this as an add-on to other workouts, and the short time frame works well for that.

Workout 3 (17:14 min.)
1st complex
Push-ups on bells: elevate one leg
Double Stop swings: start w/ flat back, hands hold bells (edge of one side rests on floor), back swing, swing, back swing, place bells on floor.
Double clean
repeat once
Active recovery/ horse stance (sumo/plie squat, static hold) w/ single arm movements (start w/ bent arms at chest level, alternate extending single arm to side, pull back into body)> add hop.

2nd Complex
Double front squat
Double front squat into Double press
Jump squat w/ double bells in rack position
repeat once
Active recovery/ duck walks: low walks forward w/ hands on floor (bent legs, flat back), upright position to walk rear.

3rd Complex: uses single bell, one rep per side for set
Turkish Get-ups: slow pace, both sides.
Active recovery/ walk out to plank (wide stance of legs), reverse motion w/ jump at top.