Kettlebell Power

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Kettlebell, Total Body Workouts

“Kettlebell Power” led by Amy Bento Ross consists of three primary total body workouts (about 17 mins. each) that incorporate single, double bell & bodyweight exercises. Each workout consists of 3 complexes, 2-3 sets of exercises are sequenced in each complex (set of exercises using the same weight/load completed consecutively, brief rest after all exercises completed), w/ 4-5 reps per exercise or side. The last set of each complex has an active recovery/endurance exercise sequenced after completion of the other exercises, and there is a longer rest after it is completed. There is the option to play all segments (w/u, 3 workouts, stretch) or just play each segment (by chapter). The introduction, warm-up & stretch are in the chapters section, as well as 3 pre-mixes.

I’ve completed Workout 1 (two complexes of double bell exercises, one of single bell exercises) & Workout 2 (two complexes of single bells exercises, one of double bell exercises), and enjoyed both of them. I like how there are not many exercises in each set (but they’re challenging w/ the right bells) or reps to do, so one can really focus on quality reps (not think of time), and short duration of time of the workouts are appealing to me. The active recovery exercises have a good cardio effect w/ core & balance element. The warm-up & stretch are solid, too (thorough but not overly long in duration of time). Amy has a mellow/calm demeanor, and provides encouragement w/ good form pointers. This is my second experience w/ Amy's workouts, and I think she is great lead (competent, good form, not overkill chatty or perky). It’s assumed that users have familiarity w/ KB exercises because there is not much detailed form pointers on most KB exercises, and the pace is fast.

Equipment: double bells, mat

Music: upbeat w/ vocals (good, not the the typical canned music).

Cast: just Amy, no background exercisers

Set: wood floor, beige walls, wood outline for windows (view of trees), green curtains, few plants, equipment in background (balls, bar), one wall is covered w/ black & white/black curtains.

Warm-up (7:50 min.)
Alternate rolling feet (to outside of) w/ hip isolations.

Forward bend w/ arm sweep forward, then overhead w/ reversing motion & pull down to bent arms/elbows flared out.

Overhead arm reach, pull down to bent arms/elbows flared out, then squat.

Press up arms overhead w/ alternating heel lift.

Alternating lateral lunge w/ alternating arm push front & pull back.

Deeper range of motion, alternating lateral lunge w/ single arm reach to floor.

Jog in place> Alternating knee lifts.

Plie/sumo squat w/ press down arms in lowered position, high pull back w/ lift of exercise.
Wrist rotations> add calf raises.

Shake body (of tension) w/ hands clasped at chest level.

Alternate rolling feet (ball to heel) w/ arms extended to front w/ hands flexing (vertical position) & reversing motion> Just flexing hands & reversing motion.

Sweep bent arms down sides of upper body, then out to sides and lift overhead to bent arms, rotate arms to sweep down & repeat motion.

Reverse previous motion> sweep arms up sides of body, overhead extension, bend arms & rotate to lower to sides of body & repeat motion.

Arm extension to front w/ palms flexed, static hold> alternate pulling arms back & extending forward.
Alternate plank position & pike position (downward dog).

Mountain climbers

Alternate bent knees w/ flat back & arm sweep & upright position.

Workout 1 (17 min.)
1st complex
Double swing
Double clean
Alternating (gorilla) clean
repeat sequence twice
Active recovery/Marble pickers: alternating double step (w/ hop) touch w/ single arm reach overhead then to floor (simulate picking up a marble off of floor)

2nd complex
Double front squat
Double presses
Double snatches
repeat once
Active recovery/Front cross, back cross lunge: single leg alternates a hop into curtsy lunge to the front & back w/ single arm reach to floor (opposite side of leg moving), both sides.

3rd complex: Uses single bell
Under leg pass (lunge, knee lift): rear leg lunges back, pass bell under outside of front leg (lunge position) to other hand, then knee lift for rear leg & bell passes under that leg.
Halo w/ split leg stance
Bottoms up static hold
Repeat sequence on other side
repeat once
2nd set active recovery exercise/ Bottoms Up push-up: start from prone position on floor w/ bent arms/hands next to chest, toes curled under> lift body off floor into plank position & slow lower to reverse motion.

Workout 2 (16:29 min.)
1st Complex: uses single bell
High Pull
repeat twice
Active recovery exercise/Spidermans: alternate lunge in plank position (jump to switch feet), and move over to each side w/ movement.

2nd complex: uses two bells
Push-ups on bells
Renegade Rows
Single Leg Shoot-Throughs: hold onto bell w/ hands, lower body to floor w/ one bent leg, other leg extended to front (similar to pistol squat but w/ elevated heel on bent leg), lift to reverse motion (split leg stance, both legs straight).
repeats once
Active recovery exercise/modified crab: static hold w/ one hand on bell, same side leg bent & extended in front, other leg bent, arm reaches to front> extend leg to rear (tap floor) then front, both sides.

3rd complex: uses single bell
Swing w/ lateral hop, then high pull, then swing w/ lateral hop back to starting position, another swing in place (before traveling to side), both sides.
Repeat once
Active recovery exercise/dive lunge: start in a crouched split leg stance position, then move forward w/ flat back, place hands on floor & lean forward (weight of body in hands), lift single bent leg off floor, other has bent leg w/ elevated heel, push back w/ hands to reverse motion, both sides.

Stretch (6:47 min.)
Start in forward bend position, holding one bell by horns> step back w/ feet (bell stays forward of body), lean upper body away from bell (it’s on its side) & hold.

Reverse previous exercise> bell extends between legs (to back), lean (forward) in opposite direction of bell.
Static hold in lowered position of squat, hands hold bell (center of body on floor).

Supine position: extend legs & arms on floor> alternate tensing up body & releasing.

Hug knees to chest> open knees out to sides (keep feet together) & hold.

Modified arm bar: start w/ one leg extend on floor, other extended vertically> rotate body & place top leg on floor (twist/crosses over other), then the torso follows leg & rotates (top hip moves toward floor, head off floor), top arm held overhead, reverse motion, both sides.

Seated forward bend w/ wide stand of legs, hands on bell.

Butterfly stretch

Cross-legged position w/ open arms, palms up (forearms rests on knees).