Women's Health Ultimate Fat Burn

Amy Dixon
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I got this one from the library and have done it once. I won't go really heavy on the break down, but I'll give my general impressions.
Upon preview I felt the warm up would be kind of tedious because although only 5-6 minutes long, you do all the moves on one side and then all the moves on the other side which to me is usually a recipe for boredom. When I actually did the workout it seemed to move quite quickly though. It was all fairly basic and low impact cardio moves. There were no static stretches which I liked.
The actual workout consists of four blocks-- two strength and two cardio. The strength moves were done at a mildly aerobic pace. You will need to use just one set of weights-- no time for changing. I used 5 pounds, which really isn't heavy enough to make it a true strength workout-- it may work for muscular endurance. Amy has you do some lower body moves then adds in upper body movements. For example, you start with squats and she then adds bicep curls or you do lunges and add rear delt raises. In the first strength block she has you go through the strength moves 4 times. In the second block I'm pretty sure it is only twice. Actually, I think it is repeat 4 times for the first cardio, and twice for the second cardio block. The first cardio block is a little lower impact and intensity. In the second block she adds some ski hops and a few burpees. All in all, I'd rate it intermediate in intensity.
This is a good workout for a day when you want something short and don't have a super high energy level(the whole thing clocks in at about 35 minutes and there is little wasted time).
Set is warehouse type place with brick walls. The music is not particularly memorable.

Instructor Comments:
Amy is not too annoying --but her class! Well, I'll just say that they would warm the heart of an amateur comedian at open mike night. I mean, they laughed at EVERYTHING she said.