URX-MT: Cardio Metabolic Interval

Gay Gasper
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Rebounding

This is the first URX workout that I have tried so far (I have most of the set of 13) and thought I would start with this one since it is rumored to be less intense than the others. It was fairly fast moving but very easy to follow and not too difficult - still solid-high intermediate but I can see how the other ones will likely be much harder. Gay leads with two male (shirtless) and one female backgrounder, who she often collectively refers to as “guys”, like “okay guys” or “you got that guys?”. This is a 54 minute, mostly cardio workout, like Lindsey said. Gay uses a lighter set (1-3#) and a heavier set (about 3#) of sand weights throughout. I used my 1# weighted gloves and 3# hand weights. I think one could use 3# safely throughout, but I wanted to keep it a cardio (not AWT) workout so kept it low.

She does the warm up on the floor and uses the rebounder as sort of a step (step ups and repeaters in the warm up). Then onto the rebounder for about 17 minutes of rebounding cardio – she taught about four sets of 3-4 exercises each, then TIFTed, combining all of the sets into a long super set at the end. I found the cardio to be easy to follow but not redundant – a great combination for me. I am not one who minds some TIFTing as I am generally choreograph challenged. Exercises included health bounce with overhead press, heel digs with biceps, jacks with static lateral raise, high knees then a rapid sprint (gets the heart rate up!), a bounce and side leg raise, which is the only move that I found difficult to execute (especially at their speed), 180 degree twisting jumps to static squat, low squat jumps, back and forth jumping with lateral raise (engaged the abs somewhat), and a wide leg health bounce with triceps kickbacks. All easy to follow moves.

At about the 20 minute mark, you step off the rebounder for the first strength set. Gay keeps using the lighter sand weights (so I kept my 1# gloves) and standing in front of the rebounder, you do backwards taps (alternating feet) onto the rebounder (harder than it looks cause it’s so easy to bump the rebounder with your foot, also it’s a balance challenge) with rows, then progress to one foot back with posterior flies (two sets).

Next you get back onto the rebounder for the second cardio set, which I was disappointed to find out was the same superset as in the first set (doing all of the moves in a row, repeat the entire sequence four times). This takes about 10 minutes. This is sort of boring and repetitive, but I suppose the plus side is that you know exactly what’s coming and you can put all your energy into it.

Step off the rebounder again for the second strength set, this time starting behind the rebounder (bodyweight only, no sand weights), for a tricep pushup, plank jack, elbow plank with hamstring curl sequence. The entire sequence is repeated four times. I was really sweating by now! Then standing in front of the rebounder, roll back onto the rebounder then explode up to standing, jump with reach overhead, then four jumping jacks on the floor (repeated 8 times). Then repeat the tricep pushup sequence four times, then repeat the roll backs with jacks 8 times. That sounds like an awful lot of repetition, but it was fast moving and kept me engaged. This was great work for the arms and abs especially.

Next it’s back onto the rebounder for the third and final cardio set, which was AGAIN the same superset repeated four times, which as I mentioned takes about 10 minutes. By this time, my energy was waning so I didn’t mind the repetition!

Step off of the rebounder for the final strength routine. Using the heavier weights (Gay used 3# sand weights and I matched her poundage, using regular hand weights) lay on the floor with feet on rebounder and do a bridge series with weights on hips. Then sit on rebounder for Turkish getups (modified by using rebounder) using the weights, then a longish Pilates series including modified teaser (with weights), roll ups (no weights), and scissor (no weights). The ab work seemed a bit long, but it was really effective for the lower abs and obliques!

The ab work concludes at about 52:30 minutes, which leaves scarcely 1:30 minutes for a brief cool down, so I had to add my own stretch. I usually follow my own stretch anyway, but would have liked her to lead a stretch so we could finish at the same time.

Other notes: The music was VERY low, more background noise than a synchronized driving music score, and I had to really turn up the volume to hear it. The production quality was moderate – not the best by any stretch but I’ve seen worse as well. At least you could always hear Gay’s cuing and the camera mostly stayed in one place which was fine with me. The setting and exercise wear were VERY casual which I found somewhat distracting, but not a deal breaker. There was also a lot of wooing and hooting from the backgrounders, which was also distracting and annoying, but again, I was able to put it past me. On the whole I liked the workout well enough and am excited to try more URX workouts. In the future this one might be overshadowed by other URX workouts, but so far, I plan to use this regularly as a rebounding cardio workout. As I mentioned, I think this is mid-high intermediate and for reference, I think it’s a touch harder than Fitprime G-Force with Tracie Long, but that one has a little more variety for the rebounding cardio sessions (and better music). Overall grade B+.

Instructor Comments:
I have never worked out with Gay before and thought she was a good lead. She cued nicely, constantly reminded you how many reps there were in the current set of exercises, and it was easy to follow along. She was very smiley and enthusiastic, but also professional. She didn’t have any annoying mannerisms that I noticed. I look forward to trying out her other URX workout, and I would consider buying more of her workouts if the workout genre appealed to me.

Emily B.