Exhale Core Fusion Cardio: Pure Intensity

Elisabeth Halfpapp, Fred DeVito
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This dvd contains five 10 minute segments led by either Elisabeth or Fred in a cute brick & hardwood studio. There are three background exercises one of which provides modifications. You will need light dumbbells for some of the segments and a mat. The segments get progressively more challenging and there is a cooldown/stretch section as well. The dvd allows you can select a segment or play all.

Power Sweat: Led by Fred. This is a rhythmic yoga inspired stretching and flowing movement segment. Great as a warmup or cooldown or for a quick 10 minute rejuvenation. Exercises include: down dog, side bend, plank, calf raises, & sun salutations.

Cardio Flow: Led by Elisabeth: This section is faster paced and includes flowing yoga and some power yoga moves utilizing light hand weights. Exercises include: plank, plenty of Mt. climbers, side plank to push up combo, down dog w/ knee pulls, pulsing and isolation warrior variations with weighted preacher curls, upright rows, and chest squeezes.

Power Flow: Led by Fred. This section builds in intensity to increase your body heat and includes more intense versions of the previous sections exercises. Exercises include: lots of Mt. climbers, a weighted punch series, balance tri kickbacks, & a balance glute pinch with upper back fly.

Power Sweat: led by Elisabeth. This section is meant to get your heat pumping & blood flowing even more than the previous sections. Exercises include: pulsing pliets w/ weighted arm movements, fast knee pulls, lots of Mt. climbers, a pulsing side lunge series, & a squat w/ a side & rear glute extension.

Cardio Curl: Led by Fred: This is an active floor core section. Exercises include: static C hold, bicycle variation, toe drops, a hundred variation, & oblique twists. A lot of the work doesnt support the neck, but easy to modify.

The dvd also contains a stretch segment. I would rate this dvd a low intermediate workout but appropriate for most fitness levels. Great for days when you want a stimulating but not taxing workout. Great as add-ons or strung together for a longer workout. Both Elisabeth & Fred are great leads, mellow personalities that really fit this style of workout. They both provide excellent form pointers throughout. I received this dvd to review.