PowerFit Harmony: Lower Body Blast

Stephanie Huckabee
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Lower Body Strength

PowerFit Harmony “Lower Body Blast” is a 20 min. workout that consists of mostly standing lower body exercises (lunge, squat & abduction variations), with a short floor section (in quadruped/on all fours position). The band is used just for the standing exercises, although there are a few bodyweight exercises in the standing segment. I have used this workout as an add-on to others (after another), and think it’s a solid, no-frills, short workout (can use a heavier band or hold dumbbells to increase intensity of exercises or even repeat it for a longer workout) or use for a light/recovery day workout. Stephanie leads the workout w/ good cueing & encouraging comments.

Overhead arms w/ inhalation, reverse motion.

Squat w/ arm sweep to front> Elevate Heels w/ arm sweep> step touch> step leg abduction w/ arm sweep (to opposite side)> alternating knee lifts> alternating front kicks> Alternating low jack (step tap)> alternating rear taps> alternating rear lunges w/ arm sweep> marches> wide stance> repeat entire sequence again.

Work Portion

Standing exercises
Squats: band under both feet, held in both hands> 4 count squat (lower, halfway lift, lower & lift to standing)> repeat sequence.

Side Squat: arm sweep to front, alternate sides> faster pace w/ press down w/ arms> repeat sequence.

Abductions: band under non-moving leg, other leg abducts to side> pulses> repeat sequence> rear lunge> add front kick> repeat on other side.

Squat Abductions (bodyweight): alternate side squat w/ bicep curl arms> alternate squat abduction (to side) w/ open arms to side> add overhead arms.

Close Squats: band under both feet, held in both hands, narrow stance of feet/legs.

Running dips (bodyweight): rear lunge, then tap (to reverse motion) w/ pumping arm movement> faster pace, more of tap rear, than lunge (Stephanie is performing a knee lift, others a tap)> marches> repeat on other side.

Tension Squats: band under both feet (apart a bit), held in both hands, perform 4 count squat (lower, halfway lift, lower & lift to standing)> add alternating leg slide/tap to halfway lift.

Stepping Lunges: folded band is held in both hands> marches> front lunge, tap, then (other leg)rear lunge, tap w/ arm sweep to front> add knee lift (in place of tap)> add overhead arm sweep.

Plies/sumo squats (bodyweight): start w/ arms bent/hands clasped, held in front of chest, in lowered position> alternating heel lifts in lowered position> repeat sequence.

Floor exercises
Leg lifts: start on all fours (quadruped position) on elbows/forearms> single leg lift> glute kickbacks (bent knee) pulses> lower knee to floor then (straight) leg extension> cross w/ straight leg extension (cross over other leg & reverse motion)> child’s pose w/ upright upper body> repeat sequence on other side.

From Plie/sumo position, shift/lunge to side for static hold> calf/heel stretch (straight back leg, bent front leg)> hamstring stretch (front foot flexed, bent back leg), both sides> quad stretch, both sides> overhead arms w/ inhalation, reverse motion.