PeakFit Challenge: Pure Strength 2

Michelle Dozois
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This is a 52 minute strength workout- the lower body portion did get my heart rate up though. Michelle leads in a spacious white & wood room with a group of background exercisers. You will need your PeakFit band and dumbbells for this workout. Some exercise modifications are offered.

This workout is structured exactly the same as the 1st strength w/o in the set and is a moderately heavy weight, moderately paced workout (similar to S90 in terms of poundage and pace IMO). The workout is broken up into 5 cycles. Each cycle focuses on one body area and finishes with a total body exercise. Each body area is hit 2ce. The cycles are: Back, Chest, Arms & Shoulders, and Legs. You repeat the same exercises on the opposite side of the body in the 2nd round.

Exercises include: kneeling band pec fly, kneeling chest scoop, a unique runners arm move, band bent row, dead bug band pulldown, pulsing lunges w/ a glute raise, pushup variations, squat variations, squat & windmill, front & lateral raise, band curl, and a curtsy-set down & pick up weights. There is no core section but a few of the exercises do hit the core.

I rate this high intermediate- but easily adaptable by adjusting your poundage. This is a very solid workout that is chest & back heavy. The lower body section is short but you can easily heavy up and hit the lower body hard. The bi's, tri's, and shoulders werent worked as much IMO. Michelle is a great lead, good cuing, and the sequencing of this workout (as with all in this set) are superb.