PeakFit Challenge: Cardio Strength 1

Michelle Dozois
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

This is a 59 minute strength & cardio workout led by Michelle w/ 6 background exercisers (male & female). The set is a nice room with hardwood floors, white walls & windows in the background. You will need a variety of dumbbells for this workout- she recomends 2 sets, 5 -20 lbs.

The workout is set up in 10 minute circuits. You start with level 1 - strength training, and then move to level 2 - where you incorporate some compond moves into your strength moves. Level 3 is cardio and its no "walk in the park" easy cardio. Then you perform level 4- which is all out, anaerobic cardio. She concludes the workout with a cooldown stretch.

The workout jumps right in- no wasted time here! Some of the strength work (levels 1 & 2) def had a functional feel and some seemed kettlebell inspired. There were a lot of compounds moves (level 2) so you are moving and working throughout the entire hour. Some of the strength moves include: deadlifts into a bicep curl, pushups into plank knee pulls, pliets w/ UB work, squat to the floor w/ a shoulder raise, and I felt my core being worked throughout each strength set.

Level 3 cardio moves included: shuffle jump, various kick and punch combos, jumping jacks, high knees, skiiers, etc. The level 3 cardio is not what I would consider easy at all and is followed by 15 seconds of even more intense cardio!

Level 4 cardio moves include tuck jumps, flying jumps, ground touch-jump, crab crawl jumps, and more heart pounding explosive moves. Level 4 only lasts 15 seconds so its very do-able! And is followed by another level 1 strength set, which allows your to recover.

This workout is def advanced but is SO very doable because of the way Michelle has structured the work. This workout really really strengthens your heart- training it to not only get up there but to come back down. I LOVE a challenging workout and I love that this one flows so well and the time just flew by. At 30 minutes into the workout I was still going very strong. I didnt lose any steam until the very last circuit, but was still able to finish strong. That says alot to the sequencing of this workout and I am impressed! Can not wait to try others in this series. Michelles cueing is spot on and all the moves are athletic and easy to catch onto.