Carol's Health Bounce

Carol Brophy
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Rebounding

This is a fairly short workout done entirely on the rebounder. I dislike the intro obviously advertising that brand of rebounder a bit (though I've seen and heard of others that are far more pronounced!) I would say this is approximately 20 minutes or actual rebounding but I was totally wiped out at the end of that 20 minutes! First off, I'm sorta beginner-ish..been exercising with Leslie and George Foreman and walking regularly for approx 10 weeks or so and use the rebounder for a lot of those types of workouts.
This workout starts off with a very simple feet-don't-leave-the-mat bounce then quickly escalates into jogs, heel digs, jumping jacks, and shuffles which is like a cross country ski m otion. I can't believe the woman talked throught the whole workout when I could barely breathe! I've done this one twice in the past few months and it's still amazing how it challenges me. I still can't keep up her pace but I try and hope one day to accomplish this. the moves aren't fancy and she says you get a great workout in just 20 min on a rebounder.
This is a simple set and she's dressed simply and completely (not trying to model here or anything!) and she's also barefoot which I haven't seen on my other rebounding dvds. It's a bit pricey at $20 or so on amazone but it's a nice workout for 20 minutes. I'd say from previewing some of the urban rebounding ones and one that airs on caribbean workout that the pace is probably similar but the moves aren't as exciting and the music is a bit cheesey but if you're wanting the same moves repeated over and over at a fast pace and then slowing down a bit at the end then maybe you'll like this one. I"m not sure if I'll keep this one..definitely will until I can somewhat keep up but not sure what place a 20 min workout would have in my rotation if I ever get in shape.

Instructor Comments:
Straightforward, slim not too chatty.Nothing remarkable or un-remarkable IMO.