P90X Series

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Total Body Workouts

After seeing infomercials for this about a million times, i finally ordered the program. That was almost 18 months ago. Below are the pros and cons I experienced. For reference, I am a 48-year old woman who is fairly active (not super fit) and travels extensively for work.


Variety - one of the best things about the program is all the variety you get. Not stuck doing the same workout every day, trying to stay interested

Shoulders, Bicep and Tricep - an easy approachable workout that almost anyone, male of female, can do PLUS it is easy to write out and follow in a hotel gym

Kenpo - I've never done any kickboxing but I really do like this workout. A plus is it is a cardio workout that requires no jumping so I can do it in a hotel room without fear of bothering people below me

Ab Ripper - the best part of the whole thing and the one part I still do regularly. I literally see a change in my body every single time I do it. As others have said, it can be hard on the hip flexors. Try doing it w/o your shoes on. Also, I think it is better to do a few of each exercise in the beginning (example - 10 reps) rather than do all of, say, the first 3 and then just quit.

This workout gave me TERRIBLE tendonitis in my wrists and elbows. It affected my everyday life. Too many push ups and pull ups. Even the yoga and stretch (!) videos are hard on the wrists especially.

I don't like this yoga workout at all. it seems like it is trying to prove yoga is a tough workout too so there are all kinds of weird balancing postures you would never find in a real yoga class designed for weight lifers who are mostly yoga beginners (which is surely true of the demographic that buys these DVDs). I would wager fewer than 30% of the people who by this workout doing the yoga even semi-regularly

Not enough lower body - you can see it in Tony Horton's body. He has nice arms, shoulders, a rather flat chest and skinny legs.

If you are woman who gains muscle at all easily you will start to look bulky in the upper body pretty quick. My arms got huge

Plyometrics - left my knees screaming in pain

Not enough cardio in general in the workout

In summary, here is what I do now with P90X:
--Ab Ripper: at least twice week in some form (maybe low reps if I am in a hurry)
--Shoulders, Bicep, Tricep: when I am in the mood to hear Tony :) or to lift easy
--Kenpo: for a fun cardio workout

I pretty much leave the rest alone. In summary I think this workout was worth the money but I would not do the program as it is structured in the book.

Instructor Comments:
Don't hate on Tony - he is a little zany but he is just trying to keep it fun. I like him and, besides, you can turn off the audio once you learn the moves if that's what you want.