CLX Lower Body Extreme

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I did this CLX Deluxe upgrade workout for this morning for this first time, and I didn't *LOVE* it as much I I love the original CLX workouts. I thought it was ok, but I honestly don't see myself reaching for it often, mainly because I just felt it didn't *really* do the job. I thought 12 or so reps of a band exercise just simply didn't cut it. Cathe's Lower Body Blast and Butts and gutts, even the shorter premixes, are way more intense, IMO. It's about 45 minutes long, including warm up and stretch, which I like because I never seem to have much more time than that to work out these days. Music is standard instrumental beachbody music, nothing special. I didn't like that Chalene didn't tell you what # weights she was using throughout the workout. Mike, Julie and Donna are bg exercisers, Julie and Donna show low impact modification of one of the exercises which involves jumping. Equipment used = dummbells or resistance tubing and a band. Exercises included Bowlers lunges with a "blast" (a leg lift), screamers (basically a repeater done quickly and down low), outer thigh lifts with the band, walking lunges, "punishers" which were I thought the toughest part of the workout since they were so rep heavy and basically was a never ending series of forward lunges, backward lunges and squats, quad raises using the band and squats with toe taps. There were probably more but I didn't write them down.