Core Secrets Give Me 20

Gunnar Peterson
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Total Body Workouts

This little workout is a quickie 20 minute full body routine. Itís already been well broken down so Iím just going to add my reviews. This is my first experience with Core Secrets (and with Gunnar) and I was pretty pleased. The music is pretty good, they were all recognizable tunes from 10MS/later Firm workouts (not BBH), the setting was a nice, clean room and it overall had high production values. I wasnít completely crazy about Gunnar starting on the floor, standing up/sitting on the ball for a lot of arm work, then coming back to the floor to repeat the ab work that was done at the beginning, however, the workout did move very quickly and I feel it was efficient. Like others have said, it focused more on the core and upper body, which worked great for me as I used it right before a jog.

Gunnar and his group only used one set of weights (and the ball) but I felt it much more advantageous to use multiple sets of weights. He worked small muscles like the rear delts, then large muscles like the lats, which for me at least require a different poundage. It was easy to switch weights with his demonstrations of each move. For the wood chop move, I used a dumbbell instead of the ball to add intensity (also my ceilings are fairly low). I did like that some of the moves were functional and that every move incorporated the ball in some way, engaging the core and not just because they had to use it as a prop.

Gunnar did mention at the end that this workout should only be used for time crunched days, and encouraged you to do some of his longer workouts. I got a few Core Secrets DVDs in a bundle recently and hope some of his longer ones are even more functional, and more challenging. Overall I have a lot of optimism for this set! I already have the 10MS Pilates on the Ball (probably my favorite stability ball DVD) and the Denise Austin ball workout, and really feel like the Core Secrets DVDs will be a beneficial addition. I felt this was more functional than the Denise ball workout, which wasnít the best. Done as is, I would say this is a beginner-intermediate workout (especially if one light set of weights is used throughout, or you follow the modifier) but can be made a little more challenging (intermediate) with several sets of weights to challenge yourself. Overall grade B+!

Instructor Comments:
This is my first experience with Gunnar and I can see how he is a good instructor, he cues well and explains how your muscles work and why you are doing a certain exercise. Like somebody else mentioned (I think for a different Core Secrets DVD review) he focuses more on strength than he does on aesthetics, which is a refreshing change of pace. Heís not as personable or jokey as other male instructors (say, Patrick Gordeau or Tony Horton) but he certainly gets the job done and heís professional. I might liken him to a male Tracie Long? Serious, to the point, and efficient.

Emily B.