Brazil Butt Lift - Bum Bum Live

Leandro Carvalho
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Bum Bum Live is supposed to be "one-on-one" instruction. Here Leandro is in New York City, and he is on a set (different from the one used for Bum Bum/Bum Bum Rapido) alone with Marlene. Although he does participate in some of the workout himself, he spends much of the time coaching Marlene directly. Live is also significantly shorter than Bum Bum, clocking in at 26 minutes total, with the last 6 minutes being devoted to stretching. Finally, there is no on-screen timer or list of exercises for this workout.

Leandro starts slowly with side lunges, gradually going deeper, adding arm movements, and picking up the speed. Next comes deep squats (hands on the floor) followed by a squat side-to-side with a raise up in the center. Continuing with the squats, Leandro performs a one-leg squat in three different positions, then holds a pulsing curtsey squat. Four point lunges are next: forward, side, back, and curtsey, with a set of jumping split lunges in-between. For the last move, Leandro has Marlene start again in a low squat, moving from this position to her toes and the eventually moving from the squat into a squat jump.

A nice 6-minute floor stretch concludes this workout. Lying on the back, Leandro leads you through a hamstring stretch and a revolved twist on either side, and then he finishes seated with a full seated forward bend.

I didn't enjoy Live quite as much as the original Bum Bum. It seemed like the cardio effect was more uneven (i.e., brief cardio bursts rather than steady state cardio throughout) and that the moves were less varied an interesting. Still Live would work well as an occasional change of pace from Bum Bum, especially if you are looking for something a bit shorter.

Instructor Comments:
I found Leandro to be a bit goofy, and his heavy accent can be a little hard to understand at times, but overall, I didn't have any problems with him.

Beth C (aka toaster)