Moms Into Fitness1st Trimester Pregnancy Fitness: Cardio, Toning PLUS Yoga

Lindsay Brin
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Pregnancy/Postpartum

I got Lindsay Brin’s Complete Pregnancy Fitness Program 4-disc set for about $15 including shipping from eBay and I think it’s worth the price. The set includes a cardio/toning and yoga workout for each trimester, plus a Bootcamp 2 workout for post-partum. Target stores have the set for about the same price, but it does NOT include the yoga workouts.

The menu options for the first trimester workout are:

Cardio and Toning 32 minutes (includes brief intro)
Cardio and Toning Quickstart 32 minutes (jumps right into workout without intro)
Yoga 24 minutes
Exercise Modifications

I tried the Cardio and Toning and Yoga segments on different days while 30 weeks pregnant, so obviously not in my first trimester. I was able to do most of both workouts without a lot of modification. Lindsay (not pregnant) leads both segments and has two women working out with her who are both in the first trimester. One does easier versions of the exercises.

The set is indoors, with Moms Into Fitness banners in the background. All three exercisers are wearing black pants and tanks. The music for this one is generic instrumental stuff, nothing exciting nor offensive.


1. Warm-up: side steps and similar low-impact moves for a few minutes.
2. Sculpting: Plie with lat pull-down, curtsy lunge, deadlift with rear fly (Lindsey’s form isn’t good, she leads with her hands rather than elbows), one-legged squat.
3. CARDIO: Low-impact moves for about 3 minutes. Side steps and similar moves
4. Sculpting: Overhead tricep extensions with single dumbbell, squat with knee raise, overhead triceps with 2 dumbbells, squat with kick
5. CARDIO: grapevines
6. Sculpting: Rotator cuff flies to overhead press, reverse lunge with biceps, reverse lunges with pulses
7. Floorwork: 8 count pushup (go from plank to plank on knees, do pushup), stretches, ab work (crunches and planks), cat-cow stretch

At 30 weeks, my belly’s pretty big, so a lot of the lower body work got my heart rate up a bit. Overall though, I wouldn’t say this is much of a cardio workout. You do about 12-15 reps of each exercise, and the cardio segments are quite short and low-impact.

Lindsey reminds you throughout to activate your “bra strap” muscles (upper back) and slightly tilt your pelvis. She offers a few form pointers, such as to keep your elbows together and forward during overhead tricep extensions, knees behind toes for squats. I appreciated the reminders to engage my upper back and tilt my pelvis under. I ended up using these tips while doing other workouts in my 3rd tri as well as while just walking around.

1. Breathing
2. Forward bend
3. Half moon (standing side stretch) and standing camel (arch back)
4. Chair with alternating knee lift
5. Squats
6. Butterfly (I believe this is cobbler’s pose)
7. Bridge (I had to use pillows to lie on the floor)
8. Overhead hamstring stretch (I did one leg at a time, again with pillows for support)
9. Reverse planks with knees bent
10. Overhead hamstring stretch again
11. Warrior
12. Triangle (straighten front leg and reach one arm down, one up)
13. Pyramid (both hands down)
14. Runner’s lunge to quad stretch
15. Plank
16. Push-up to up dog
17. Down dog
18. Cat-cow
19. Repeat 11-14 on other side
20. Floor stretches—lying on back, cross one leg over other knee to stretch hip; hamstring stretch; twists with one leg over to the side (I couldn’t do these)
21. Super-quick savasana

The music for the yoga segment is upbeat. Lindsey says it’s meant to be energizing. Again, I think if you feel OK in your first trimester, this might be too easy, but if you need a little stretch and energy boost, it might be just right. It didn’t seem quite right for me in my third trimester—not enough back stretches and of course no modifications for my big ol’ belly.

Both of these workouts might be good for a woman who’s in her first trimester and not feeling well (tired, morning sickness, etc.). I was able to stick mostly with my regular workouts until around the middle of my second trimester, so I find that the length and energy required for these work well for my third trimester. Because this is my third pregnancy, I’m also pretty familiar with modifications so I don’t have trouble coming up with them.

I will definitely use the cardio/toning workout again. For yoga, I think I’ll stick with my old standby, Crunch Yoga Mama, as I find it to be relaxing and a good stretch.

Instructor Comments:
I'd describe Lindsay as cheerful without being overly perky. She does say “bun cakes” rather than glutes, but it’s not like Denise Austin’s “burn that butter” phrase which feels forced. Lindsey actually seems to use “bun cakes” and no other word when she describes that area. Throughout the workout, she's very encouraging and upbeat while also being realistic and understanding about how exhausted a woman might be during the first trimester.