Lower Body Blast

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Gliding Disks, Lower Body Strength , Step Aerobics

Equipment: High Step w/ 2 risers (or step stool), barbell (light- moderate loads, can sub in body bar), dumbbells (3 pairs of varied sizes, they don’t appear to be very heavy, Cathe’s lightest is 5 lbs, heaviest is 10 lbs., not sure what the moderate weight is, likely 8 lbs.), resistance band (loop), sliding/gliding disc (or paper plate) and mat for floor exercises.

Cathe leads w/ 5 background exercisers (two of the new ones, from Cathe’s Road trip auditions), all had great form. Cathe does provide modifications to increase & decrease intensity/impact, and she provided great instruction & form pointers.

Set: neat, same one used in Cathe’s workouts (view of a downtown area).

Music: there is an option to only play Cathe’s voice or both her voice & music. I recognize some music from her High Reps workout.

All workouts are chaptered well by each exercise (except warm-up, stretch, they’re single chapters).

I’ve only used the full workout and found it to be a thorough lower body, hits everything w/ a nice mix of floor & standing exercises (different variations, tempos) and not overkill use of equipment (really just need dumbbells, gliding/sliding tool & a band). And there is a good cardio effect w/ the circuit-style, high rep exercises & athletic short cardio segments. I think this DVD is really versatile w/ the 5 premixes & bonus workout/s, and one can create their own workout (just barbell exercise, combine floor & bonus bar sections, etc, lot of options to play with).

Full workout (59 min.)


Step tap w/ alternating single arm reach over head> Shake it Down (alternating both arms punch down, then to the side)> repeat> 3 reps leg abductions w/ double arm sweep to opposite side, then double step to side> 1 rep leg abduction w/ double step, alternate sides.

March in place>Out, out, in, in w/ feet> repeat> Step into side lunge, 3 reps alternating lunges, repeat on other side> static rear lunge, 3 pulses right, single rep left & right, repeat on other side> Marches.

(On high step w/ 2 risers) Alternating knees> knee repeaters each side> knees w/ foot turned out (inside of foot meets the working leg), then 3 pulses (in lunge position) into a front kick, single reps of lunge & kick> marches> repeat on other side (start w/ knee repeaters)> marches.

Knee off the side, down tap, uneven lunge, over the top w/ circle arms, land w& pulse, alternating sides, 3 times> over the top, Push in Place (one leg on step, one off, bend knees and push off step & floor w/ legs, arms reach overhead)4 reps, over the top, repeat on other side, 2 times> exit step> Alternating knees> add power to knees> repeat sequence on other side.

Alternating knees> power 3‘s, both sides> jumping jacks (2 reps to face each direction)> Face side, heel toe on step, diagonal hop turn (face opposite side), one jumping jack, repeat on other side> Up & lunge (step up on step, alternate 1 lunge on each side), turn to face other side, repeat on that side, turn to face front for Power 7’s, two jumping jacks> repeat sequence on other side, starting w/ jumping jack sequence> Repeat entire sequence once (starting w/ jumping jacks).

Calf hops, alternate feet close & feet apart> squat jumps w/ arms overhead> w/ alternating arm swing to each side, repeat once> marches.

Standing Lower Body

Walking Lunges: uses two dumbbells (moderate pair), 4 slow paced traveling lunges w/ right leg (dumbbells held to side of body)> turn to face front in plie position, 4 pulses (dumbbells held in front of body/above chest)> face other side, 4 pulses in lunge position, repeat on other side, 2 times through.

Leg Presses (high step w/ 2 risers): uses one dumbbell (held in front of body), 15 reps, slow switch of feet, repeat on other side, repeat sequence once.

Barbell Squats (can sub in dumbbells): barbell held in back, 2 sets of 8 reps> 7 pulses in lowered position of squat, 1 count to stand, repeat three times> lower 3 sec.: lift 1 sec. count, 4 reps> Low end (lowered position, 3 halfway up/partial reps, 1 count to stand), 2 reps> single reps (8).

Front Lunge Pick Ups: uses one light weight (Cathe uses 5 lbs.) held in one hand (opposite side hand to leg lunging forward). 3 pulses of front lunge w/ 1 knee lift> 2 singles, repeat sequence 5 times> repeat on other side> alternating hamstring curls for active rest.

Cardio Burst Split Jumps: 2 sets of lunge jumps w/ double arm overhead reach on right leg> march in place> repeat on other side.

Warrior Slide Lunges: Arms in Warrior position (near side of head) w/ chest coming over thigh, head looks down) w/ lowering part of exercise, 2:2 count, 4 reps> 2:2 count warrior lunge, hold in lowered position w/ two knee pull-ins, stand, 4 reps> 2:2 count warrior lunge then 2 single reps, repeat once, single reps (8)> repeat on other side.

Platform Barbell Deadlifts (on high step): 3:1 count, 6 reps> 2:2 count, 6 reps.

Barbell Plie Squats (barbell held in front of body): 2 sets of 8 reps (singles)> 15 pulses in lowered position, 1 count to stand> 7 pulses, 1 count to stand, repeat once> singles (8)> Low ends (lowered position, 3 halfway up/partial reps, 1 count to stand) 3 times, 4 single reps> adductor/side lunge stretch (hands on high step), both sides> hinge forward w/ hands on step (hamstring stretch).

Disc Side Slide Lunges (ball of foot on disc): 2:2 count 1 rep then 2 single reps, 2 times> add arm sweep forward, 2 reps> 1 rep lunge, in lowered position, leg slides in twice (to meet other), stand, 4 reps> Inhale w/ overhead arms for active rest>repeat on other side> heel kicks (butt kickers) for active rest.

Cardio Burst: Ice Breakers: plie jumps w/ alternating elbow strike, 4 sets of 8 reps (4 per side)> marches in place

Single Leg Deadlifts: uses one dumbbell (moderate to heavy weight, Cathe uses 10 lbs.), 2:2 count, 12 reps> repeat on other side. Lesser intensive modification: back foot flat on floor vs. just ball, advanced modification: back leg comes off of floor.

Elevated Lunges (back foot is on high step, bodyweight): single reps (8)> 7 pulses, 1 count to stand, repeat once> 8 singles> 15 pulses, 1 count to stand> singles (8)> Low Ends, 2 times> singles (8)> knee lifts for active rest>repeat on other side> knee lifts, hamstring curls or heel kicks for active rest. Modification: lesser intensive-use body bar for balance, increase intensity- add resistance.

Hover Squats (dumbbells held in front of body, moderate weight): 15 pulses, 1 count to stand (dumbbells come to sides), repeat three times.

Sit ‘n’ Slides w/ disc: side lunge, w/ flexed foot (only heel) on the disc (cues to visualize leg sliding in 10 & 2 o’clock, when body faces forward, legs not sliding directly to side), 4 single reps> 1 rep 2: 2 count, then 2 singles, once> add arm sweep forward, 3 times >repeat on other side.

Cardio Burst: Low box jumps- jump onto high step & off, then plyo jack (plie position), 10 times> active rest w/ heel kicks. Modification: perform basic step to get onto box or perform jump in place on floor for jumps on step.

Wide Stance Deadlift w/ Barbell (feet turned out): 3:1 count, 6 reps> 2:2 count, 6 reps.

Static lunges w/ barbell (barbell held in back): singles (12), 7 pulses, repeat once> singles (8)> Low ends, 2 times> singles (8)>repeat on other side> calf stretch> inhale w/ arms overhead.


Floorwork w/ band: Butterfly motion (seated on floor bent knees off of the floor, band around thighs, upper body leaning back & w/ arms to side, feet together). Single reps (8), open & close legs> 1 pulses in open position, 1 count to close, 4 times> singles (4)> repeat sequence> Open position, partial rep/halfway in, out to open position, close, 4 times.

Move into quadruped (table top position, keep band on), fire hydrants, 16 reps> 3 pulses, 1 count to to lower leg, 8 times> child’s pose> repeat on other side> stretch (legs crossed, arms to side, hinge at hips), both sides (switch front foot).

Table top position: One knee is on ground, other leg is straight lift(in line w/ body), 32 pulses w/ pointed foot> 32 pulses w/ flexed foot> place elbows on floor, Glute kickbacks w/ pointed foot, 32 reps> 32 reps w/ flexed foot> Cat/cow stretch>child’s pose> repeat entire sequence on other side> Prone glute stretch (front leg bent to 90 degrees/outside of leg flat on floor, back leg is straight/knee & foot rest on floor, arms straight, hinge at hips)> in same position for lower body, bring elbows to floor & hold, both legs.


Supine position w/ palms up, body is relaxed> knees to chest & hold> knee circles, both directions> inner thigh stretch (from previous position, turn out feet, hold soles together, reach hands through to hold onto ankles, elbows press down on inner thighs)> Happy Baby pose (open legs, brings knees to chest, hands are placed on “instep or ball” of flexed feet)> lying hamstring stretch w/ pointed foot, then flexed> lying glute stretch> repeat on other side> drop knees to one side & hold w/ both arms to opposite side> repeat on other side> roll up to seated position.

Stretch (legs crossed, arms to side, hinge at hips), both sides (switch front foot)> child’s pose> cat/cow> downward dog> from DD, lift leg, turn outward w/ bent knee & hold> repeat on other side> standing forward bend> straighten arms w/ clasped hands together in back> roll up & arms overhead.

The premixes & bonus workouts names & times I’ve just listed (not listing the exercises).


Timesaver: No Floorwork (49:31 min.)

Standing Leg + Leg Conditioning Drills (66:31 min.)

Standing+ Floorwork + Leg Conditioning Drills (76: 38 min.)

Standing & Floorwork (No cardio bursts) (56:22 min.)

Standing & Leg Conditioning Drills (63: 15 min.)

Leg Conditioning Drills (uses Cathe/Altus Tower, a chair could work, too), found in the “Chapters” part, bonus workout/s.

Leg conditioning drills (single leg, 16 min.)

Leg conditioning drills (both legs, 10 min.)