Results 10 Days to a Better Body

Cindy Whitmarsh
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This workout is comprised of an upper body and lower body segment. You can select either segment or play all. Cindy works out alone. Both segments begin with a very short warm-up that some may find inadequates, but I like, preferring to get straight to the workout. The format is one minute weights, one minute cardio.
Upper body uses two sets of weights, light and heavy. I use 5#s and 10#s (After repeated use I decided to also add in an 8#s but that is just my preference.) The cardio is all straight forward and athletic, such as skaters, hopping on one foot etc. Cindy always begins with the low impact version and then demonstrates the progression, inviting you to join her. The toning exercises are traditional as well, i.e. bicep curls, bent-over rows, tricep extensions, windshield wipers, and pushups. She does abs exercises at the end of the routine, still following the one minute format.
Lower body is the same format of one minute weights to one minute cardio. Toning is still traditional deadlifts, one legged deadlift with alternating reach, curtsy squats, squats, plies etc. She uses different cardio moves for each but the idea is the same. Lower body concludes with abs in the same manner as in upper.
I do like this workout and have done it quite a bit. It is very easy to follow, just jump in and do it. Some of my weights workouts are pretty choreographed (think the Firm) and when I am not in sync with them it messes up the workout. Not with this one. Just repeat one move for one minute, then move one. I don't worry about matching Cindy exactly. I get a good calorie burn and like that I get cardio and weights in one shot. (I tend to avoid cardio.) When I finish I am nice and sweaty but not exhausted. I rate it as intermediate or high intermediate. Beginners could use lower poundage and stick to the low impact aerobics.

Instructor Comments:
Cindy is very encouraging- "It's only one minute! You can do anything for one minute!" She is very cute and certainly fit although I find her a bit thick-waisted. During the workout she says she used to be pear-shaped which seems odd given her current build. She gives form pointers throughout and demonstrates what NOT to do. Clear instruction and easy to follow.

Melissa P