Self: Bikini Ready Fast

Ellen Barrett
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This workout is an old standby for me. It is intermediate in intensity and is toning only using light weights for the bulk of the workout, and none for the remainder. I find that the focus is primarily upper body.
The workout is filmed on a very nice beach setting and is one of the reasons I enjoy the workout so much. Ellen is joined by two backgrounders; Deb, acting as a modifier, and Marie (Forleo).
This workout is a bit more traditional or athletic in nature than some of her other work (she is wearing shoes!) Moves include bicep curls, lat raises, shoulder press, squats, overhead triceps extensions,anterior raise w/releve, plies, half-moon, shoulder sweep, butterfly arms. I'm definitely leaving things out. The workout flows very nicely. I use 5 pound weights and get a nice workout. I love Ellen's arm work because she works your arms from every angle. We put the weights down for a short push up segment on the toes. Last is a "plyometric" segment interspersed with some one-legged squats and standing abs.
This is a such a nice little workout! I have, or have had, every one of her studio series (including Happy Baby etc) and this remains my favorite of Ellen's offerings. My heart rate monitor tells me I burn about the same number of calories in 30 minutes as I do with some of my other circuit style workouts that definitely FEEL tougher during. I may break a light sweat but I am definitely not beating myself up with this workout. I consider it primarily an arm workout even though there are lower body moves happening. The workout is very flowy and you literally don't put the weights down for about the first 30 minutes. I have really grown with this workout; when I got it I used 3 lbs weights and needed to take breaks. This could really be modified to any fitness level. I recommend it heartily and have even given it as a gift.

Instructor Comments:
Ellen is a pleasure to work out with. She is positive and motivating. She says things like "shine your heart forward" and "present yourself." Not in an annoying way, in a sincere way. She is pretty and fit, which I appreciate while I'm working out (as I appreciate a nice beach to look at) and is dressed appropriately.

Melissa P