Keeping Fit Pilates

Andrea Metcalf
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

This review is for Andrea Metcalf's three workouts: Keeping Fit Cardio, Keeping Fit Pilates, and Keeping Fit Strength. I just didn't have enough to say about each on individually! :-)

Cardio: The cardio was basic, low impact, and a lot of fun. Another reviewer compared this to Petra Kolber or Chris Freytag, and I concur. There was a great deal of toning (side squats, lunges, etc.) but still enough cardio to make you feel like you got a good workout!

Pilates: While I really like the idea of Pilates, I find many Pilates workouts to be ... well ... boring. This was a very happy exception! Andrea's matter-of-fact personality and non-traditional moves made this feel more like a low-impact toning workout rather than a traditional Pilates workout. I enjoyed this one and can definitely see it being a regular part of my workout routine.

Strength: The strength workout includes both standing and floor work. There are a lot of compound moves (squatting while lifting dumbbells overhead) and some really good arm work. I had to pause the DVD a few times to get some water! The floorwork includes planks and several interesting variations on the planks. Finally, you are rewarded for all of your hard work with a wonderful stretch.

Music/Setting: The setting is the same for all three workouts -- bright and airy. It looks like someone's modern living room (i.e., the staircase and stark plant behind here), very neat and clean. The music was very good. No "thump-thump-thump" stuff (that I normally like, LOL!), but some nice vocals, some occasional drums ... interesting enough to notice, but not to distract.

Instructor Comments:
Andrea has a really pleasant personality, and I hope she puts out more workouts!

Debbie J