GSP RushFit Strength & Endurance

Erik Owings
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Georges St-Pierre is a mixed martial arts (MMA) champion. RUSHFIT is Georges' "MMA-style conditioning program - it's intense, efficient, effective and will give you the results you want - FAST". Strength & Endurance is available as part of that set or sold individually on Georges RUSHFIT website.

This workout is led by Georges' trainer Eric and Georges' provides pointers & fitness knowledge while performing the exercises. The workout is 50 minutes, containing a warmup and cooldown. Geroges, Eric and 2 background exercisers work out in a fighting style gym. Some of the participants work out barefoot. You will need dumbbells for this strength circuit workout.

This workout consists of five rounds. Each round contains strength and cardio exercises and is followed by a rest period. Georges and Eric use the rest period to share their fitness knowledge with us. Each exercise is performed for 30-60 seconds. I would consider this a moderate weight, moderate rep workout.

Exercises include: squat, isometric chair squats, spinal extension, clapping pushups, jumping from your knees to your feet, push up- burpees, T-stands, side lunges, rotating diagonal press, bi curls w/ rotation, quick alternating lat rows, upright rows, single arm swing, hi pull, diagonal press, twisting chest press, plank rows, 1/2 get up, and other unique & effective functional exercises.

Georges & Eric include variations on ordinary strength exercises to really hit the muscles in a new way. This workout has a very functional feel to it, is very well rounded, and I found it very unique. I would rate this a solid to high intermediate workout that can be adjusted to meet your needs. I look forward to trying the rest of the workouts in this set. Based off this dvd, I think the RUSHFIT workouts could be an excellent way to mix up your normal routine. I received this dvd to review.