As Strong As Possible: Band Camp

Paul Katami
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I have been looking for workouts that are a change up from heavy lifting. This certainly fits the bill. As other reviewers have already noted, the workout uses only tubing and a leg band.

I found this video provided a nice workout that got the job done. I have only very heavy tubing so I had to use bands which worked too and was very easy to substitute - except for the move with the side planks. Overall, I felt nicely worked out, but didn't experience overkill nor did I feel "repped to death." The workout as was about 45 minutes or so and the time flew by for me.

The music was very bland and uninspiring.

Paul's voice seemed to fade out a couple of times, but it was only a slight distraction and I could still hear him, and the fading only seemed to last a few seconds.

The set was fine. The workout was in front of a large window covered brick wall. Outside the window it seemed to just be foggy.

Instructor Comments:
This was my first time doing a video by Paul Katami. I found him to be appealing and a great coach. He did a great job illustrating the set up with the band. He has a very nice demeanor and was encouraging without being too peppy. At the beginning of the video I found him to count a bit too much, but as the workout went on he either stopped doing it as much or it quit bothering me. Overall I quite liked him as an instructor.