Callanetics Evolution

Sandra Hanna
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Abs/Core , Ballet/Barre, Lower Body Strength

I recently purchased this workout having had success with Callanetics and Super Callanetics when I was in my late teens/early twenties (just over 10 years ago). I had dance training as a teenager and from then on have tried many types of fitness programs, including: Callanetics, Pilates, Yoga, T-Tapp, kettlebells and various barre workouts e.g. Yoga Ballet Fusion (another favorite of mine) and Core Fusion).

I have however found that Callanetics has given me better and faster toning results than any other program Iíve tried, and I tend to re-discover it every year or so. I do enjoy other barre workouts, but Callenetics is my favourite.

I was pleased to discover Callentics Evolution, I expected the workout to be the best of the original Callanetics, in a modern production and with some new elements, and I was not disappointed.

Note: I think it is important to watch the Callanetics Concepts section at least once before trying the workout.

The main workout is just over an hour long and is as follows:

Warm-up and Upper Body (just over 10 mins)

This starts standing, swinging the body up and down, similar to the ďup and downĒ exercise from original Callanetics. I find this a little too fast, so I go a bit slower (Iím sure in the original program it was done slower). There are also some leg lifts and plies, plus variations on the underarm toning exercise, the waist stretch and neck stretches. Overall a good warm-up and preparation for the following exercises.

Legs (just over 15 mins)

The plie section is now done in a second position, instead of with the feet together. Then there are some standing exercises involving pulses forward, to the side and to the back. This is not my favourite section, but I donít mind it. The original leg exercises used to leave my legs well worked and shaking afterwards, but these donít. Either Iím doing something wrong or they are not quite as intense.

Hips & Behind (just over 15 mins)

I really like this section, it includes my old favourite Callanetics hip & behind exercises, but modified so that 1) you no longer need a barre/furniture, 2) you no longer do the kneeling variant. I still feel they work as deeply however. This section finishes off with some nice hip stretches.

Pelvis & Thighs (5 mins)

I like what they have done with this section, with Super Callanetics, I usually skipped the pelvis exercises because I found them too difficult, but the new version of the pelvis (a ďknee dancingĒ style) exercise is a little easier, but still works the thighs and pelvic muscles. This section also includes a pulsing triceps pushup exercises, which I think is a great addition for a bit of extra upper body toning.

Abs (just over 15 mins)

I really like this section too. It includes the advanced abdominal exercises described in Callanís book and in Super Callanetics, but they have been modified slightly to include more work on the obliques, plus some stretches.

Finishing Stretch (5 mins)

This section includes the original reclining twist, plus some reclining neck and shoulder stretches.

I do the full workout on Sunday mornings, and it feels like a lovely relaxing treat for myself, whilst still working all my muscles quite deeply and improving my posture for the next day or two after.

I think this would be a great workout to do in full 3 times per week, but as Iím already doing other workouts most weekdays (yoga and/or kettlebells), I donít really have time to fit it in, which is why I do it in full just on Sundays.

Throughout the week, I do a section from the workout here and there as time allows. I have found however that doing a section from this workout is most effective when the warm-up section is done first, e.g. creating an abridged workout by just doing warm-up + legs, warm-up + hips or warm-up+abs. I should note though that the DVD does not allow you to create your own sequence, you have to either play each section from the menu, or play the whole workout and skip any chapters you donít want.

In general I really enjoy this workout as it includes the best exercises from the original and advanced Callanetics programs, with a few variations here and there and with more stretching interspersed throughout.

Instructor Comments:
I liked Callan Pinkney but also like Sandra Hannah just as much, she has a pleasant manner, voice and tone.