Kickbutt Floor Burn

Tamela Hastie
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Floor Legs
I returned to this workout last night after having it in my collection for years. At the end, when Tamela says “That was fun”. I had to agree. It was fun! I enjoyed it and time seemed to fly. I will be doing this workout more regularly. The workout is well-cued, and has, in my opinion, the right mix of yoga and pilates, especially from the perspective of someone who doesn’t like yoga. There are three things that I particularly like about this workout. First, the mood is light and welcoming which makes it fun to workout. This mood is created by the set which is nice and bright, and the music that is appropriate to the workout. Second, I like the lily-pad move – just a bit of light jumping to get the heart rate up. It makes me feel like a kid again. Third, I like the stretch. The second portion of the stretch is done seated on the step, and I feel particularly well stretched out after this morning.

Instructor Comments:
Tamela is an excellent instructor in this workout. She cues well and avoids the mindless chatter that begins to wear after doing a DVD multiple times.