CLX Lower Body Extreme

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This workout is part of the CLX deluxe fat-burning series (2nd set of deluxe workouts produced), is about 39 minutes long, and uses dumbbells (or bands w/ handles, one background exerciser, Donna, demos that option), and a flat band (tied in a loop). There are four background exercisers (one demos low impact/intensity options) along with Chalene. I like this workout, itís a solid lower body workout with a good variety of lower body exercises (like the incorporation of the flat band w/ the dumbbell exercises). It works well to just complete half of it, (when short on time or light day workout, or paired with another workout of a different focus, like cardio), workout is nicely chaptered, too.


Warm-up: step touch w/ single arm sweep, squats, (standard, fast pulses, squat & alternating knee), plie squat, lunge facing side w/ single arm triceps extension, lunge w/ reach & rotation, hip flexor w/ both arms reach forward, hamstring w/ arm circle. alternating shoulder stretch. Repeat on other side, starting w/ triceps extension.

Traveling lunges w/ dumbbells or band- 18 reps total, 3 each way, (left and right), pulse lunge (lunge> return to starting position>lunge again for another rep),4 count. Cues to stick butt out to the back focus more on glutes & hanstrings vs. quads (in traditional lunge).

Toe Tapping Squats w/ dumbbells or band- 12 reps total, squat>tap right toe, tap left toe> down into deeper squat position/about an inch more (taps for reminder that weight is focused in heels, not front of feet).

Side Leg Lifts w/ flat band (tied in loop) around both ankles- 15 reps on right side, wide stance of legs.
Squats w/ dumbbells or bands- 12 reps, standard stance for squats. Squat down> hold for a few seconds before return to starting position.

Repeat other side (left) for side leg lifts.

Push-up w/ leg lift- 12 reps, push-up on toes (or knees) with alternating leg lift> hamstring stretch.

Bowlersís Lunge w/ a blast- (uses one dumbbell or band) stationary curtsey lunge> attitude lift w/ back leg, 12 reps> 16 seconds of Screamers- use same leg/ back leg (fast rear tap into knee). Repeat on other side.

Standing Quad work w/ flat band around both ankles- 12 reps, lift working leg up/bend knee to 90 degrees> straighten leg>return to bent knee position> tap foot to floor. 10 reps of quad pulses (straight leg extension to the front). Repeat on other side.

Slow Motion Lunges- 13 reps, bodyweight rear lunge performed at a super slow pace> knee, balance for a few seconds (Chalene recommends to use weights when the exercise becomes easier to do). Repeat on other side.

Push-ups w/ side leg lift- on toes or knees, push-ups> 12 reps, alternating side leg lift.

Double Dippers- pulse lunge/squat series, 30 reps total each side, 10 each way (front lunge, side-plie squat, rear lunge).

Dead Lift- both legs/standard DL position, 11 reps.

Repeat Double Dippers on other side.

Standing hamstring curls w/ flat band- 15 reps, leg position is similar to curtsey lunge (working leg behind stationary leg at angle, not just curling straight to the back). Repeat on other side.

Plyometric Lunges- 30 seconds, fast pulse lunge> split jump to switch legs, and continue to alternate sides.

Hip Abductors w/ flat band (on floor)- 12 reps, body is on itís side w/ bent knees at a 90 degree angle, hips rotate out, knees come together to tap, not the feet (kept apart wide)>8 pulses. Repeat on other side.

Stretch- 4:40 min., butterfly, split, spinal rotation, hamstring (single leg).

Instructor Comments:
Chalene provided clear instruction and form pointers, but she is much too chatty for my taste (in this workout, the entire time, she is never silent, but mute works well for that w/ other music playing).