Michael Olajide
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Lower Body Strength

There are a total of 11 rounds including abs and stretching:

o Round 1 - Aerobarre Warm up: neck warm up, gentle stretching and some light impact (bouncing from foot to foot, jumping jacks)
o Round 2- Aerobarre Intro: First position plies, including Grand Plie (at your level), bicep curls, plie into relevé while doing bicep curls. She uses a body bar but you could substitute a chair for balance and a light set of weights.
o Round 3 - Aerobox Intro: Boxing with handweights. He suggests 1 lb or lighter. My lightest weight is 2 lbs and I was fine.
o Round 4 – Aerosculpt: Variations of Grand Plie in second position and some shoulder work with arms extended forward. Light weights are optional.
o Round 5 - Aerobox Southpaw: Boxing, leading with left side.
o Round 6 - Aerobarre / Box Southpaw: First / second position plies and changement, all with small jumps. Then alternating boxing (leading with left) with changement. Ends with Grand Plie in second position.
o Round 7 – Aerobarre: Arabesque and Attitude to work the glutes. She uses a body bar for balance, but you can use a chair. Ends with forward bends.
o Round 8 - Aerobax Orthodox: Boxing, leading on right.
o Round 9 - Aerobarre / Box Orthodox: Starts with Tombe coupe sissonne (?) – this step lost me a little, alternated with boxing. Ends with what he calls Dying Swan, which is curtsies with slow circular arm movements.
o Aerobarre Abs
o Aerobarre Stretch

For this DVD, barre is ballet inspired as opposed to Lotte Berk style barre DVDs. Positives are that the workout was fun and different than any other DVDs I own. It also provided a nice cardio workout and good leg exercise. On the negative side, both the glute and abs sections are very short (4.5 minutes each). The stretches are not held long enough. I might skip the ab and stretch segments in the future and do my own thing. But overall, it was a nice workout and fun to add variety.